Biden Embarrasses the US Yet Again in Meeting With Xi

Joe Biden has been on a humiliating tour abroad. He first went to COP 27, Egypt, and apologized for America’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. This was a great move by President Donald Trump. Biden has since rejected it. After being heckled by protesters, he lost another battle with his teleprompter as he delivered his speech. Biden then went to Cambodia and made remarks that sounded about 100 years old. He mistakenly called the prime Minister of Cambodia the “prime minister for Colombia”, the second time Biden has made the same mistake.

Biden, however, was in Bali, Indonesia on Monday for the G20. He met with Xi Jinping, China’s leader. It was clear who seemed to be in control of the exchange from the greeting. Xi stood and made Joe Biden walk towards him. Xi didn’t even meet him halfway. Biden held his hand out. It cried out “weakness” as well as loss of face.

Biden smiles like he is meeting his best friend. This is not a country that has threatened us or our allies and lied about COVID. Joe replied, “I’m desperate for some kind of win.” It didn’t appear like someone trying to hold China responsible for their poor behavior.

Here’s the White House summary of what Biden allegedly told Xi. It says absolutely nothing about COVID.

Here’s a video in which Biden is forced to use notes to make a few basic remarks about “climate change.” Biden made it appear that there weren’t any real issues and didn’t display any strength in his remarks.

Xi replied that the relationship was in trouble. Biden could have said that to China since China is in the wrong. It wasn’t Biden, however, who seemed to be pressing for the issues.

Biden made comments about the U.S. election. Biden behaved as if the Democrats had won.

Then he claimed that China was not an enemy or adversary but a competitor. He didn’t hold them accountable for their actions.

Biden was then going to answer questions from reporters regarding the meeting. Biden had difficulty reading the notes and was unable to answer questions from reporters.

He stated that he was told there were four questions, and he said it clearly that he did not intend to answer any additional questions.

Biden stated that he doesn’t believe there is an imminent threat from China to Taiwan.

Vladimir Putin assessed Biden’s performance after the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2. and found him lacking. So Putin invaded Ukraine. Let’s pray that Xi doesn’t see the same weakness and evaluates it differently.

Biden ended up answering the fifth question by Peter Alexander of NBC, but he then said he shouldn’t have done that as if he were violating the directives of his masters.

Biden should have shown more strength in this exchange. Yet again, he projects weakness. If you don’t want to stand up for the millions of COVID victims, then you shouldn’t pretend like this is your nation’s leader.