Biden Back In Hiding

After being thrown into the headlights of a full-blown scandal, Joe Biden is now saying not to expect to hear from him until the debate on October 22. His campaign team is using the excuse that the Democratic nominee is “debate prepping,” while President Trump has been campaigning everywhere. He even campaigned in three battleground states all in one day.

Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement all summer and now he’s back doing the same thing. He doesn’t even need to debate prep or defend himself. That’s what ABC, CBS, CNN, do for him. Biden put a lid on campaigning awhile ago, while his team used “coronavirus” as an excuse for all of his empty rallies and short speeches. 

Biden has turned away all media platforms and pushed all official activities right before election day. If that doesn’t show his absolute disregard for the American people, I don’t know what does. GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest also reminded us that it’s not a bad time for Joe Biden to go into hiding amidst the leaked Hunter Biden emails.

“CBS’s Ed O’Keefe on Face The Nation: “[Joe Biden] will not be seen again after today until Thursday night.” REMINDER: Joe Biden and his campaign have not disputed the authenticity of the bombshell emails which detail the extensive corruption of the Biden family,” Guest tweeted. 

O’Keefe further explained that Biden is focused on debate prep as an opportunity to provide one last contrast with the President and “prepare him” for potential attacks from Trump. Seeing that Kristen Welker is the next moderator and has deep Democratic ties, this may be the easiest debate for him yet. 

Welker’s Twitter account was deactivated shortly after the announcement for the debates because it was drowning in anti-Trump posts and Democratic views. She also has close ties with the Obama family and was busted on live television back in 2016 after tipping off a Clinton’s director about one question she planned to ask Hillary during a post-debate interview. 

“It’s 9:33 PM and President Trump just wrapped up his SECOND event of the day in Janesville, Wisconsin. Joe Biden called a lid hours ago and held NO public events today. That work ethic is why President Trump has accomplished more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years,” strategic response director Francis Brennan tweeted. 

We need a President who shows up, whether he is sick, tired, or unmotivated. Not a President who needs a nap in the middle of the day and hides from every scandal.