Biden Administration Asks SCOTUS to End Title 42 Border Policy After Christmas

Tuesday’s Supreme Court request by the Biden administration was to lift Title 42 of the Pandemic-era Border Policy Title 42. However, they specifically requested that no action be taken before Christmas so as to avoid negative press.

This filing was made one day after Chief Justice John Roberts issued an interim order preserving the policy. It was due to expire Wednesday.

Title 42 was invoked by the Trump Administration. It is a policy on health, not immigration, which allows officials to expel illegally crossed asylum-seekers quickly because they could spread COVID.

The border crisis under Biden is as bad as it gets, but it could have been worse without Title 42. Title 42 has been used 2.5 million times since March 2020. Although the government acknowledged in its filing that it would cause a disruption and temporary increase in illegal border crossings, the government argued that it should be ended because times have changed.

This government does not seek to minimize the severity of this problem. The solution to this immigration problem cannot be to prolong indefinitely a public health measure that everyone now recognizes has outlived its public-health justification.

At this point, the phrase “disruption” is laughable since the border is already a disaster. The “disruption”, however, has continued at an unprecedented pace since Biden’s election almost two years ago. In 2022, border officials were able to encounter an estimated 2.4 million illegals. This is a new record. Unknown numbers were not “encountered” and simply slipped into the country unnoticed.

Many people are anticipating a tsunami of migrants at the southern border if Title 42 is repealed. In fact, this surge has already begun because many anticipate the title’s end. El Paso, a troubled Texas city, could be particularly affected by the fact that shelters at the border in Ciudad Juarez have been packed with an estimated 20,000 people eager to cross into the U.S.

Some are not patient: Reports claim that illegals are climbing out from the sewer manholes and fleeing into the dark.

Joe Biden’s handling at the border was a disaster. Millions have flooded into the country without any restrictions, there are many drownings and horrible deaths, and the sex trade is rampant. Democrats will claim that immigration policies are about compassion. However, they fail to recognize the many thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed and the Wild Wild West nature in many border towns.

Many of the speakers at Turning Point AmericaFest I attended in Phoenix, AZ, also spoke out about another horror that Biden’s policies have unleashed: fentanyl, meth, and heroin are flooding across the border, contributing significantly to the overdose death toll of more than 100,000 Americans in 2021.

I believe that the Biden Administration wants the Supreme Court not to uphold Title 42 until after Christmas because they know it is coming and they would prefer to have it happen while people on holiday vacation are spending time with their families and not watching the news. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin will have many more videos to share if the predictions are true.

It’s clear that the border crisis is not caused by Joe Biden’s incompetence or ineptitude. A wide-open, chaotic border is precisely what he wants.