A Viral Video of McConnell Outlining Number One Priority

We previously reported on the monstrous Omnibus Bill, worth $1.7 trillion, that the Democrats want to push through Congress. It gives Joe Biden and the Democrats everything they want, without holding them accountable for anything. This includes border security. This is insane, especially considering that we are already facing inflationary pressures from overspending. It is over 4000 pages in length and was just passed. It is impossible to read the entire bill, but senators are already working to pistol whip it through before Friday.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, has stated that he supports it because it provides more defense priorities and fewer non-defense priorities. A video of McConnell speaking out about Republican priorities went viral Tuesday.

According to the majority of Republicans, the United States’ top priority right now is to make sure that the Defense Department is able to deal with major threats from Russia and China. This means that the United States must provide assistance to Ukraine to defeat the Russians. This is how we see the current challenges facing the country.

Mitch is so clueless about this statement! I believe he is referring to Defense Department threats as well. However, claiming that money for Ukraine was part of the top priority for the United States only infuriated people given the Democrats’ efforts to push through the bill with McConnell’s support, inflation, and the huge crisis at the border.

Yes, most Republicans would not consider Ukraine their number one priority. This is especially true considering the billions of dollars that have been allocated to Ukraine in this bill. The bill requests $44 billion more. It seems that Mitch even compares defending Ukraine with the defense of the United States. This is dangerously out-of-touch, and many were telling him it via Twitter.

McConnell could ask his base what their priorities are. They would say that they would prioritize stopping the damage done by the Democrats, not going along, stopping the huge invasion at the border, and doing something about the inflation and energy prices. I doubt that Ukraine would be on any Republican’s top priorities list. They wonder why people don’t trust them or doubt them when they make statements like these. His job is not to represent Ukraine or the world, but the United States.

Because there is no accountability and no end in sight for the money flowing to them, Ukraine is their number one priority. He’s seriously mistaken if he thinks Republicans give it the same priority as the defense against the United States.