Bernie Sanders Thinks Democrats Need to Spend Trillions More or Lose the Midterms

The solutions that radical left-leaning Democrats offer for America’s problems are consistent in their goodness. Since the 1960s, liberal Democrats have been calling for more government spending. In the 1960s, the government was spending six zeroes less on its schemes.

This is not the right way to think about today’s Gargantua government. To solve the problems created by six zeroes of government spending, we need to think of nine zeroes.

Senator Bernie Sanders recalls the time in the 1960s when he was calling for massive spending by the government on welfare. Mainstream economists warned back then that this massive spending would cause inflation.

It did. It was the creation of the welfare system in the 1960s that led to the end of the “Great Inflation” of the late 1970s and early 80s. It was obvious then, and it is still apparent today.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, however, believe that we have all forgotten how we became trapped in spiraling inflation. No internet, you see. You also see that inflation is no longer a concern with modern monetary policy, as it has been practiced by the Federal Reserve.

This is what Bernie Sanders thinks. Inflation is not a reality. Why not spend trillions of trillions of dollars to support these struggling economic times in America?

Washington Free Beacon:

On Tuesday, Sanders told Politico Democrats to “raise the minimum wage”, “deal with Medicare” and “deal with climate” in order for Republicans not to win a majority in the November legislative elections. According to the senator’s 2020 campaign trail estimate, Medicare for all could cost as much as $40 trillion. Sanders’ New Green Deal would run at least $16 trillion. His legislative proposals would nearly double the national debt.

Recent polls show that voters are most concerned about the economy. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, four out of five Americans believe inflation is their greatest concern when it comes to voting this November.

Sanders is correct about one thing. “You can’t win an electoral election with a bumper sticker saying: ‘Well we can’t accomplish much but the other side,” he said to Politico.

The Democrats hold complete control over the government and have nothing to show for it, except a trillion-dollar bill on “infrastructure” that a few Republicans helped pass and a pandemic relief package that was passed through Congress without any Republican votes.

Democrats hope that Republicans will not elect unwinnable candidates. They also hope that Democrats can pass smaller bills or achieve a miracle in the polls.

Democrats have their own unwinnable candidate to worry about. Sanders believes it’s all delusional thinking.


“Say to Americans: ‘Look! We don’t have enough votes to do that right now. Two corporate Democrats aren’t going to be with me, Sanders stated, referring specifically to Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and Kyrsten Sinema, (D-Ariz.).

“The leadership must go out and declare that they don’t have enough votes to pass any significant legislation right now. Sorry. You got 48 votes. We need more votes to pass it. This should be the message of our campaign.”

More radical Democrats, greater government spending of trillions of dollars, and more hysteria. This is the recipe for a Democratic victory in 2022.

Tell Bernie Sanders to go to sleep.