Bailing Out Thugs Or Funding Small Businesses?

You’ve probably heard by now…a few days ago at least 13 campaign staff members for presidential Joe Biden contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Why is this important? Well because that particular group helped arrange bail for those arrested for rioting in the city. 

Donald Trump’s campaign members are not helping those who break the law. They are helping the victims throughout all of this. 

When Minneapolis firefighter Korboi Balla lost his bar to violent rioters, Trump’s team stepped up. Korboi had spent his entire life savings into opening the bar that violent rioters destroyed last week. He was getting excited to open the bar June 1st as it had been delayed from its original March opening due to COVID-19. The forced closures already put a strain on his business. During a TV interview talking about the destruction of his bar, looters were trying to steal the safe in the back of the restaurant as well. At least 24 Trump campaign staffers donated to Korboi’s GoFundMe page to help him rebuild his business. 

That’s what we should be doing. Investing and donating into those who were affected by the rioters destroying their own community. We should help the innocent who have been hurt by this violent uprising of those who are contributing to the problem at hand instead of helping bail them out. 

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale also drove donations to Korboi’s page through his Twitter: “Feel bad for Korboi Balla. This country is about making your dreams come true. Before he could open his bar, rioters destroyed it. I just donated to his GoFundMe page. Korboi, hope you make an even better sports bar!” Brad included the link to the GoFundMe page in this tweet. Korboi has already raised $1 million from 36,000 donors…and more is coming. Good for him!

On one hand we’ve got Biden followers doling out money to organizations that bail out violent protests, and on the other hand, we’ve got Trump followers donating to those whose lives have been unfairly upended by those protestors. 

Democrats have sat back and watched Antifa burn down minority communities, all while sitting back and saying nothing. Mayor after mayor stood down police from taking action. The left have gone too far. We must defend the rights of every citizen to live without violence, prejudice, and fear. We are working towards a more just society, but that means building up, not tearing down.