Why Pelosi Isn’t Religiously Qualified Enough To Say Anything

As the violence and riots continue across America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has found time to stroll by the “Morning Joe” show on Wednesday to discuss not only her “gift of faith” but a “spark of divinity in every person” that, in her bizarre way of thinking, is somehow relevant to the continuing unrest.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who earlier this week criticized President Donald Trump over his visit to riot-damaged St. John’s church – during which he held up a Bible – by grabbing her own Bible in an attempt to mimic Trump. Her stunts have always made her look more like a fool than Trump. She went on to read from the Book of Ecclesiastes, encouraging Americans to focus on healing. She used those passages from the Bible to attack her political opponent. Talk about a misuse of religion. 

While Pelosi is talking about healing, we would love to know how she would stop the riots or protect the lives of everyone. But as usual, she’s too busy sending fake news tear gas stories to CNN to find actual solutions to the problems facing our fellow Americans each day.

Nancy Pelosi castigating Trump for carrying a Bible and pausing in front of a church to pray and reflect is equivalent to Michael Moore jumping ugly on a marathon runner for eating a granola bar after a long race. 

I mean, this is the same woman who cited her deep Catholic faith as the reason for her support of late-term abortion. For this, she was criticized by the Catholic News Agency, Catholic Association, and other prominent Catholics on the matter. 

So when Pelosi went in for her “Morning Joe” interview, she was all about faith. “We’re all God’s children, made in the image of God. There’s a spark of divinity in every person that we have to respect.” She stated on the show. 

Joe Scarborough threw a softball to the House Speaker by asking her to talk about how Americans should not be in despair. Pelosi replied: “Well, I appreciate your focus on faith, because I do believe – you know, sometimes people say to me, ‘Where is hope? Where can I find hope?’ And I say hope is sitting there where it always has been, right between faith and charity; faith, hope and charity. Faith gives people hope in the goodness of others, and so, it’s very important.” 

It’s a wonder then to all how this devout practicing Catholic has been so rejected by her community. How Pope Benedict in 2009 told her Catholics cannot support abortion and why Cardinal Raymond Burke in 2013 preached that pro-abortion Catholic Politicians must be denied Communion. 

This should all raise the question of why Pelosi thinks she is qualified enough to spew at Trump over his professed faith, when her faith is somehow behind the violence that has gripped America and crumbled small businesses for nine days straight. It’s a wonder why the Catholic church still hasn’t excommunicated her yet, but they do like her donations too much to do that just yet.