Ayanna Pressley’s True Colors Show as Ron DeSantis Suggests Sending Haitian Refugees to Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took action to protect Floridians against a potential wave of Haitian refugees, as well as criminals who may be looking to exploit the situation to violate U.S. Immigration Law for their nefarious ends.

DeSantis, for example, has authorized state-organized missions to rescue Americans in the area. The first flight is reportedly “wheels down” and on its way home at this writing, as spokespeople from his administration report. DeSantis has also sent state assets south to Florida to stop a potential influx. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers intercepted a boatload of people in late February. They allegedly found drugs, firearms, and night goggles in what FWC termed a “human-smuggling” operation.

In a recent conversation with conservative talk-show host Dana Loesch the topic of the Haitian Crisis came up. DeSantis said that Florida could send refugees to Martha’s Vineyard if they didn’t want to send them to Haiti or South America.

“We have a transport program that will be operational.” “So, if Haitians land on the Florida Keys their next stop may very well be Martha’s Vineyard,” said he in a podcast interview with Dana Loesch.

DeSantis stated that it is “very important” for Florida authorities to intercept vessels carrying Haitian immigrants before they land in Florida. He added that “sending back” the migrants if they were caught at sea was “easy”. He said that if the migrants land in Florida, they cannot be sent back to Haiti without clearance.

He said, “If you want to fly someone to South America, no matter where they are from, it’s a bit harder because the federal government will tell the host country not to accept our aircraft.”


You may remember that DeSantis sent two planeloads full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard during the summer of 2022. This prompted howls from The Usual Suspects, who were not so welcoming towards the illegal immigrants in their “sanctuary”.

Ayanna Pressley took to Twitter to accuse DeSantis of exploiting “vulnerable families”.

Pressley’s faux-defense of DeSantis was like her saying out loud the quiet part.

How is it exploitative to send the Haitians fleeing to another country to a state and city that boasts of welcoming and accommodating illegal immigrants? Wouldn’t this be the most humane thing to do?

Is what Pressley says here the same as what residents and local officials said the last time? Refresher:

Don’t become too comfortable.

DeSantis doesn’t say “Don’t be too comfortable” in this case. He is saying “Don’t Come Here” – period. Ayanna Pressley is also a liar, even though she protests to the contrary.

Democrats tend to be big on virtue-signaling and not so good at actually implementing their promises. They make false promises of safe harbors for illegals, but they don’t intend to follow through.

Giving people false hope is one of the least compassionate, most exploitative things someone can do, and that is exactly what Ayanna Pressley and her radical open borders ilk are doing every time they open their mouths on this topic.

Democrats tell us again who they are, don’t they?