Ashley Biden Recording Confirms: Infamous Diary Is Hers, and Joe (Sicko) May Have to Head to the Showers

According to Project Veritas’ shocking report, Ashley Biden, granddaughter of Joe and Jill Biden, confirmed via an audio recording that she left the diary at a Palm Beach home. James O’Keefe’s investigative news organization, Project Veritas, confirmed that Ashley Biden’s diary and other items left at the Palm Beach residence were hers. They also included the original tip to Veritas’s Tip Line to prove it wasn’t stolen.

The woman who called Project Veritas on September 3, 2020, said that her family knew who rented the house, and Ashley Biden had stayed in the bedroom and left a journal. The unidentified woman stated on the voicemail that the diary was “pretty crazy”. It’s definitely worth a look. It’s a real thing, not a joke. “I’d love for you to hold it.”

Ashley Biden, who suffered from drug and sexual addictions, wrote in her journal that her father would take showers with Ashley Biden. She wrote in her diary that she would take a shower late at night so as to prevent her father from joining her.

Project Veritas spoke with Ashley Biden who confirmed the diary and the other belongings that she left behind are hers. (See the video below). She verified that the “diary, clothes, luggage, and pills ” she left behind were hers. It is the first audio recording that the news outlet has released.

Ashley Biden confirms the items are hers on an audio recording. She told the reporter, “I didn’t want the Secret Service to be involved at this stage, right? Because it’s just not, it’s an entire process.” “I’m Ashley Biden, and this is my stuff.” “I know you sent my husband a photo with a camera, and some other things that were mine.”

The reporter then asked, “There is also this bag that has luggage tags attached to it.” Ashley, is that bag also yours? She replied, “Yeah it is.”

Project Veritas, while conducting undercover reports, asked the Biden Campaign for a response. Roberta Kaplan, Biden’s lawyer, received the request. Veritas even tried to give Kaplan the diary when they decided not to publish it.

Documents show that on the same day, Kaplan learned about the diary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation. Kaplan represents E. Jean Carroll, the woman who filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump over an attack at a New York department shop. You must feel privileged to have your own private prosecutors and FBI spies working for you.

Project Veritas claimed that the FBI had conducted an unconstitutional raid on three Veritas reporters.

When Project Veritas reached out to the Biden campaign for comment on October 16th of 2020, Ashley Biden’s attorney, Ms. Kaplan, responded by email stating, “We should send to the Southern District of New York.” Shortly thereafter, the SDNY approved the first of 19 secret subpoenas, orders, and warrants, which gave the Department of Justice unfettered access to Project Veritas’ newsroom, sensitive email and phone data, and gag orders preventing our journalists from knowing about the seizures. “

The FBI raided the homes of James O’Keefe, two other Veritas journalists, and their families in the early morning hours after receiving what Veritas called “secret subpoenas”. The three were neither charged nor prosecuted. One agent, armed with a gun, told O’Keefe that he was not “detained” as he threw O’Keefe’s apartment out the window and took his tools.

The legal battle over “unprecedented, unconstitutional” attacks on journalists continues. Project Veritas reported that “any day now, Judge Analisa will rule on the Government’s request for our privileged material in this case.”

After the raids, which dominated the news cycle for a few years, the Ashley Biden Diary story with its sickening and telling allegations about Joe Biden became, in corporate media, a tale about Project Veritas “stealing” the diary or “hacking” the diary when it was a tipster who had an abandoned diary and bought it from the outlet.

Who can deny that Ashley Biden wrote the diary? What else will the corporate media do to cover it up?

Joe Biden profits from the tragedies of his family. Joe Biden seems to be the reason for Hunter and Ashley’s troubles.