Are More Hunter Biden Associates Ready to Spill the Beans?

Devon Archer is Hunter Biden’s former business partner and confidante. Archer testified in closed-door testimony Monday before the House Oversight Committee. Archer claimed Joe Biden took part in over twenty phone conversations with Hunter Biden and his business associates, Archer included.

Archer’s explosive testimony revealed that Joe Biden repeatedly misled when he claimed that he never spoke with his son over the years about his business.

Archer revealed Joe Biden participated in many telephone conversations with Hunter Biden’s business partners. In 2015, Hunter Biden, top executives from Burisma Holdings, and the Ukrainian President “called D.C.” in order to convince him to fire Inspector Viktor Shokin who was investigating Burisma.

Archer claims that Mykola Zychowski, the CEO of Burisma, and Vadim Poscharski, an executive at Burisma, “constantly pressed Hunter Biden” to ask for assistance from Washington. Joe Biden, the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy point person at the time, was Joe Biden. He went to Kyiv, Ukraine to urge the government to end corruption at the prosecutor’s offices.

The full testimony of Archer will be released this week. It may not be sufficient to solve Joe Biden’s problems. The Post Millennial reports that there are many other things to be done to complete the investigation into Joe Biden’s influence peddling. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., told the outlet that there will be more of Hunter Biden’s business partners who are deposed.

Greene stated that “influence-peddling” is not a crime for some people, such as celebrities, but it can be serious when someone has the power to make decisions, whether they are a vice president, president, member of Congress, or the Senate.

Greene said, “They made Joe Biden into the product”, which means that they were marketing the Vice-Presidency.

Biden could face intense pressure if other witnesses confirm Archer’s testimony. His campaign may be ended or he could face impeachment.