AOC’s Hypocritical Bible Remark Takes Aim at DeSantis

It’s horrifying how the Democrats have reacted to the death of Jordan Neely.

The case is sad because the man was mentally unstable and violent towards others, and he didn’t receive help while he was alive. After they thought Neely was threatening others, Marine Daniel Penny and other people stepped in to restrain Neely. Penny was charged with manslaughter for Neely’s death, even though witnesses called him a hero for protecting people.

Democrats ignored Neely’s violent past, as well as what witnesses and Penny said and acted like this was just an imitator of Michael Jackson who Penny wanted to kill. This is a shameful and inaccurate portrayal of the facts. It fits their narrative, so they don’t care that Penny is destroyed.

Let’s also not forget Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was at the funeral. The way AOC smiled and took selfies with her fans in the big, gas-guzzling car she was driving, you would have thought she was attending a celebrity event. She also made a lame jab at Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis was asked about Penny being called a “Good Samaritan” by him.

She exclaimed, “I think that he should be reading a Bible.”

It’s time for a funeral. It’s not supposed to focus on you at a funeral. Instead, it should be all about the deceased. It’s not about taking selfies or photo ops. AOC seems to always be self-promoting, even at funerals.

Also, there were a few interesting things. Didn’t AOC tell us, when she came to office, about the climate crisis, and that time was running out? She told us we only had 12 years. AOC said in January 2019 that the world would end in 12 years if we didn’t deal with climate change. She is driving a gas-guzzler. There’s no hypocrisy here. She also appears to have security when she was pushing for the defunding of the police.

Why didn’t she use the subway to go to the funeral as well? Wouldn’t it have been better for the environment to take the subway? Does she know that the subways are unsafe, but New York failed to fix the problem, so they ended up with Jordan Neely’s situation? Anyone who regularly rides the subway knows that Neely is just one of the many homeless people and mentally ill individuals in the subway. AOC should not have to travel on the subway without security, like us peons.

She threw it under the bus again, rather than look at the truth of the situation and that Penny was trying to help others, in order to use this situation to take shots at Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis. She’s telling someone else that she read the Bible? She’s read the Bible? She should read the Bible first before calling people “murderers” as she did with Daniel Penny and see what it says about false testimony against her neighbor.

AOC’s way is to take a photo at a funeral and show off her virtues.