AOC Implicitly Threatens Legal Action Against Twitter Over Parody Account

“FYI, there’s a fake Twitter account here that is impersonating my persona and has gone viral. The CEO of Twitter has taken action, increasing visibility. It releases false policy statements, and spreads. My team and I are assessing how we can move forward. AOC tweeted May 30: “Be careful what you see in the interim.”

She uses a vague enough wording to be able to change her suggestion at a later date. However, based on her history of cheerleading censorship in her official capacity of parliamentary member, we can safely assume that she is threatening legal retaliation in some form against the company or the owner of the parody. You should subscribe to the account to fuel her moral panic, and hopefully drive her (further into) madness. Maybe she should join John Fetterman at a facility for clinically depressed people.

Other users noted in the comments of her Tweet that denounced the parody account that the account was very clearly marked as “parody”. Even if this wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t have been grounds for censorship or lawfare, especially to protect the reputation of a government member.

AOC’s cringe-worthy TikTok clip claiming “deplatforming” worked in the wake of Tucker Carlson being fired from Fox News.

Via National Review

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the star of her political career and a quasi-cinematic character, couldn’t help but remind everyone last night that, in fact, she was the protagonist of the Tucker Carlson Saga, or at least a nominee for Best Supporting Actress. She shared her triumphant thoughts in a video, treating Carlson as a slasher-villain who could return for a low budget sequel. She summarized her message by proudly announcing: “deplatforming is effective.”

It is another story to tell why Fox News’ treacherous leadership would choose to sacrifice its most popular host in order empower their most fervent political opponents.

AOC is the perfect archetype for the modern dystopian despot. She’s female, woke and obsessed with Social Justice ™, while hiding her brutal authoritarianism under the guise of loving liberalism. This new type of political oppressor, which is reminiscent of Brave New World but set in 1970s Sweden’s ultra-liberal milieu, was also well documented in The New Totalitarians.

A blanket ban should be placed on all calls for censorship by members of Congress. This is due to their position and the required loyalty to the Constitution.