AOC Comments On Biden’s First Migrant Facility For Children

Mainstream media is presenting a clear double standard by not calling out the Biden Administration for reopening a “migrant facility” that the president criticized under former President Trump. President Biden spent months decrying the Trump administration for putting “kids in cages” while telling lawmakers he would put an end to child migrant detention.

A White House spokesman said the President’s approach to deal with immigration is “comprehensively, fairly and humanely and that the policy of the administration is not to expel unaccompanied children who arrive at our borders. 

The White House said Border Patrol would continue to transfer unaccompanied children to the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement so they could “have proper care” at appropriate shelters and consistent with their best interest. When asked if children were being detained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), The White House did not comment and, instead, referred mainstream media sources to that agency for additional details.

Democrats and left-leaning media outlets have attacked Trump for months over “putting kids in cages,” then quickly changed the narrative in their pieces to say Biden was opening a “migrant facility for children.” These are the same “facilities” that were built under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, then utilized by Trump amid the migrant crisis in 2019. According to the Washington Post, the facility is being reactivated due to the coronavirus limited capacity at other facilities. When will the hypocrisy end?

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was pressed by Twitter users to comment on the situation give how outspoken she was under Trump. She responded, seemingly subdued, to a report indicating the facility was being reopened to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17. It was a far cry from her “concentration camp” claims against Trump. “This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay — no matter the administration or party.” She went from concentration camp claims to “not okay.”

In separate tweets, she accused the U.S of having an immigration system built on “carceral framework” and that it is no accident those challenges will be met with “controversial” stances. “It’s only 2 mos into this admin & our fraught, unjust immigration system will not transform in that time. That’s why bold reimagination is so impt. DHS shouldn’t exist, agencies should be reorganized, ICE gotta go, ban for-profit detention, create climate refugee status & more,” she added.

Others asked AOC how she proposes to keep Americans safe without Homeland Security or enforce immigration laws without ICE. This is hardly the meltdown AOC back in 2019 over the exact same issue, which goes to show that her activism is purely political – and always will be. AOC will continue tweeting wishlists with no specifics and creating more problems with the ideas she has.