All Travelers May Soon Be Subject to Biometric Data Collection by TSA at Airports, With No Exceptions

Dallas Morning News reports:

David Pekoske, chief of the Transportation Security Administration, stated that the agency plans to make use of technology to speed up the travel process as passengers increase in volume.

He boasted about South by Southwest’s biometrics and computed tomography technology at Tuesday’s South by Southwest panel, which was focused on aviation security acceleration. Pekoske claimed that the TSA screens nearly 2.5 million people each day, despite having difficulty with staffing one year ago.

Pekoske stated that TSA’s purpose was to ensure it maintains its security system and transport system while being several steps ahead in the face of threats.

The passengers currently have the option of opting to skip the biometric screening and instead choose to be groped by a TSA agent. The TSA warns that this is not an option going forward, once the infrastructure is in place and the public has been conditioned to accept the new norm through articles such as the one in Dallas Morning News.

Pekoske stated that “we’re constantly upgrading our camera systems, and upgrading our lighting systems.” “We are upgrading our algorithms so that we can use the most advanced technology and algorithms possible,” Pekoske said.

He stated that passengers have the option to choose not to go through certain screenings if they feel uncomfortable. [Pekoske] stated that biometrics will eventually be mandatory.

It is important to note that the Dallas Morning News article does not mention the potential privacy intrusions and abuses biometric technology could pose to innocent civilians.

It is important to remember and not forget that these Orwellian airport protocols, claiming “national security,” were made possible by the fear-mongering generated after the September 11 attacks. These privacy abuses were not tolerated by the American people prior to September 11, 2001. This is especially true in Texas, which was the subject of the Dallas Morning News piece.

Parallels can be drawn between 9/11 fearmongering to seize civil liberties that were earned with sweat, blood, and tears, and the COVID-19 pandemic used to accomplish the same ends. Climate change will be the next “current thing”. It’s a never-ending transition from one permanent emergency into the next. We’re all there for the ride, watching helplessly as the train goes by until enough #justsayno people make it impossible to implement social control measures.