Adam Kinzinger’s Smear Campaign Against a Critic Falls Apart After Receipts Come Due

The last time we spoke to you, Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois was literally promising that he would soon produce the “receipts” he claimed he had against Alex Bruesewitz, X Strategies CEO. Kinzinger pursued Bruesewitz earlier this week after he criticized him on Twitter for his double standards, and for calling millions “un-American” supporters.

Let’s quickly summarize: Kinzinger didn’t take criticism like a man, nor make his case one-way. Instead, Kinzinger accused Bruesewitz of fraudulently obtaining a PPP loan in 2020, when the pandemic began here in the U.S.

Jeff Clark, Bruesewitz’s attorney, pointed out that Kinzinger was given five days to retract the “defamatory” statement and to apologize. The “receipts” Kinzinger claimed he had at the moment were misleadingly edited to miss the fact that Bruesewitz actually did have two employees at the time the loan was approved. Clark claimed that he acted with “actual guilt” because he had previously interacted on Twitter with X Strategies employees.

Never Trumper, a self-important person who is proud of his accomplishments, responded to Clark and Bruesewitz on Tuesday by claiming that he still had the receipts. He said he would post them Wednesday as he “always keeps the receipts.”

It’s Wednesday and Kinzinger has confirmed that he didn’t have any receipts. Instead, he tried to shift the goalposts in a predictable fashion by suggesting without evidence that Bruesewitz and his business partner Derek Utley were the only “employees.” None of these could be considered employees.

Kinzinger cleverly changed his argument in the second part of his thread. He made it about a political agent receiving government money. This suggests that the real question isn’t whether the actions he alleges Bruesewitz took were “legal” or “illegal.”

This is the text he combined from tweets 6, 7, and 8 of his thread (bolded emphasis added. Typos and poor punctuation are his).

Xstrat created online content and trolls in order to overwhelm the RINO types. Tom Massie and MTG are two other clients. There is nothing wrong with this, but it may not be the best for democracy. Anyway. The applicant must prove that the loan is necessary to continue operation in order to obtain a PPP loan. They must also attest that they have not laid off employees and that the loan was required to achieve forgiveness.

At most, two employees were listed by sept. They were both founders of Xstrat. The loan was ultimately forgiven and publicly listed. This is not an unusual situation, and I don’t really know. Is it the best way to spend taxpayer money, given that profits are increasing after the loan, and the company is focusing on POLITICAL Consulting?

Kinzinger’s next tweets argued that Bruesewitz was a hypocrite since he got a PPP loan, but opposed Biden’s student loan bailout program. Kinzinger uttered a ridiculous claim that Bruesewitz, who had taken out a loan from the government and used it to criticize the government, deserved to have all his financial matters “openly discussed” (bold emphasis added by me, typos, and grammatical mistakes are his).

Alex has repeatedly called for the forgiveness of student loans, which I agree isn’t a wise policy. He also called for SEIZING endowments. This proposal seems very communist. But in the future, perhaps political consultants who make increasing profits on anger and division should not be able to benefit from taxpayer money. This is especially true when the founders are the only employees. When you enter the public sphere, you become an Alex.. You shouldn’t be allowed to get government money to further divide us. You shouldn’t be surprised if you criticize government spending for your public affairs to be discussed. It was taxpayer money.

Here’s a summary: Adam Kinzinger loves bragging about his military service to defend American ideals. He also uses his vast power to silence citizens who disagree with him. This isn’t his first attempt at it. After he was called out for not producing receipts for a statement that was indeed defamatory, he tried to change the parameters, claiming the issue was not whether it was illegal but whether it was cool for someone who criticizes the government (and RINOs like himself) and who allegedly engages in WrongThink about being able to borrow money from it.

Kinzinger is using his office’s power to shut down someone who called him out on Twitter for his absurdity, no matter how you slice it. Bruesewitz should sue Kinzinger to stop him from continuing his fraud accusations.

To reiterate another point I’ve made about Kinzinger, remember that he’s the same guy who has said he loathes Donald Trump because he believes he engaged in rampant abuses of power during his time in office by in part allegedly targeting his political enemies. And yet what does Kinzinger do? Exactly what he’s accused Trump of, except with Kinzinger’s abuses, the “receipts” are plentiful and expose him for the kind of snake he truly is.