A Leaked Video Proves How Tucker Carlson Really Feels About Dominion Attorney

Media Matters, as we reported in the past few days, has published leaked videos of Tucker Carlson speaking with his “Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show staff. Conventional wisdom holds that Fox was behind the leaks and that the videos were part of an effort to discredit Carlson in response to the negative backlash that the network has received after it abruptly fired the most popular talk show host in the nation.

Unluckily for those who are leaking these stories and hope to harm Carlson, they only serve to enhance his public image with his fans, who enjoy watching Carlson say what he feels, uncensored.

A new video was leaked by MMFA on Wednesday morning. Carlson reveals his frustrations following a difficult week. This week, he took a deposition for the Dominion lawsuit. Carlson told his staff that the 10-hour deposition had been a grueling experience. He called the Dominion attorney a “slimy momfu**er”, who “triggered him out”. Carlson then goes on to describe the hatred he felt towards the lawyer, who was trying to “gotcha Carlson” regarding his residence state during the deposition.

The full transcript is below. Note, however, that if you do not watch the video Carlson also speaks with show staff and producers who are taking off his microphone and giving him makeup wipes while he’s speaking about the deposition.

Tucker Carlson, Host: That was a long week. Holy sh*t, 10 hours. The scumbag sitting next to me. You’re the best. You were not the one I was talking about. The opposite is true.

Carlson: No, I’m not. What do you say, that you’ve never felt this confident in your life before? I’m sure. Alex, thank you. Have a happy weekend. I’ll see you later, man. It was unhealthy. The hatred — I mean, thank you — that I felt towards that guy. Thank you, I really mean it.

Off-Screen: How could you resist?

Carlson: I’m not putting myself in that position. I don’t like feeling that way. It’s not right. It’s bad. You’re wrong to feel this way. That guy, he made me feel like a shite. “Where are your now?” It was incredible how many times I said, “First off, f**k-you,” to my face. You’re suggesting that I was – that I was cheating my taxes?

Off-Screen: Really?

Carlson: Oh, absolutely. “So, where do you live? What are you doing now? “Do you own a house there?” I said, “No, I don’t own a house.”

It’s funny that people at MMFA, or presumably Fox News, think a host popular because of his populist views will be harmed if he calls an attorney representing a firm that most of the audience hates a “slimy mother fu**er.”

I think the funniest part of this is Carlson’s comment, “The number of times that I said, ‘First off, f**k-you,’ was incredible.” Many of our readers are aware of my previous career as a court reporter. I’ve sat through many of these 10-hour depositions, and I don’t know how many times I felt that a witness was answering the way Tucker wanted. I think some lawyers have inferiority issues that they try to address by bullying deposition witnesses. They are trapped in the witness seat as long as their attorney wants them. This attorney, judging from Carlson’s description, could be in this mold. I imagine a Jerry Nadler-like attorney sitting opposite Tucker, trying to “gotcha someone” who refused to be caught.

Tucker’s response is still a shock to those who’ve never been in a courtroom deposition (as an attorney, witness, party, or court reporter). He is the everyday man, battling against corporate interests that want to silence the truth. In fact, nothing he says changes this; every word only enhances his credibility. Please keep the videos coming.