2022 Miss Universe Judge Reveals Reason for Company Filing Bankruptcy

A 2022 Miss Universe judge reveals the reasons why the event organizer declared bankruptcy just days before the main event.

“I think the outrage about a trans woman coming to Miss Universe and preaching, ‘Bring the power back to women,’ couldn’t be more of an oxymoron,” television host and reporter Emily Austin said Thursday on “Varney & Co.”

She went on to say: “I think her Thai company is having its own financial issues, but this is wrong socially and morally.” “People are starting to understand this.”

Anne Jakrajutatip – a Thai transgender activist and businesswoman who belongs to the JKN Global Group – bought Miss Universe in 2022 for $20 million. Jakrajutatip has international fame as a transgender star. At the time, she described the purchase of Miss Universe as “a strategic expansion to our business portfolio”.

After a year, it appears that the franchise is in an unstable state.

JKN Global Group sent to the Stock Exchange of Thailand an official document stating “JKN Global Group Public Company Limited filed a petition for business rehabilitation under the Bankruptcy Act B.E. On November 9, 2020, the Central Bankruptcy Court granted the order to accept the petition of the Company. The “Bankruptcy Act “).” (2483 (1940) as amended, is the bankruptcy act.

The Miss Universe Organization made a second statement in which they stated “Due to the current economic situation, we confirm Miss Universe 2023 will be held in El Salvador on 18 November 2023. Our top priority will remain to provide a top-notch experience to our fans.”

For the first time, Miss Universe 2019 will have two transgender contestants. Marina Machete is the first transgender Miss Portugal, while Rikkie Kolle, a Dutch flight attendant, was the original transgender Miss Spain in 2018. She did not reach the finals.

Austin argued on Thursday that transgender women should not be allowed to participate in this high-caliber pageant.

“If we want to empower women then it is important to stop degrading women and belittle them by allowing men, or men that have become women biologically, to enter industries such as sports and beauty pageants, and dress in plastic. They are beautiful men, by the way. This is exactly the opposite of empowering women.

The judge added that the interview is a major factor in many decisions. She said that a transgender woman’s life is not comparable to a female born.

You don’t know what it’s like to stand on stage during that time and declare: “This is femininity.” ”

She continued, “You are a woman who is a man.” That’s okay. ” “But don’t start going into the women’s field — have a border, a limit. “