Zelensky Calls on World Leaders to Punish Russia After Deadly Mall Strike

NATO will build a new Iron Curtain across Europe to protect Russia-affected nations and strengthen Europe’s borders.

Allies intend to increase troop presence within the Nordic region, conduct more naval patrols, and hold military exercises in the Baltic Sea to reassure Sweden and Finland.

Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish prime minister, stated that “we are sending (Russian President Vladimir Putin) a strong message: you will lose. ”

Allies also accepted NATO’s first strategic concept – its masterplan document – for the first time in a decade.

At this point, Volodymyr Zelensky (President of Ukraine) lamented that NATO’s open-door policy toward Sweden and Finland didn’t seem to apply to Ukraine.

A Video link to the Madrid summit was used by Mr. Zelensky for his statement: “The open-door policy NATO should not look like the old turnstiles of Kyiv’s subway. They remain open but closed when you approach them until you pay.

“Hasn’t Ukraine paid enough?” To defeat Russia, he asked for more modern artillery as well as anti-missile weapons. Or, “face a delayed war between Russia and yourself. ”

Zelensky now asks world leaders to impose sanctions on Russia.

The Group of 7 countries is looking into a proposal to set oil price caps as a way to curb global economic chaos. After a Russian missile hit a packed shopping center in central Ukraine, killing at least 16 people.

KRUN, Germany — In an effort to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and to protect consumers from economic pain, leaders of the Group of 7 nations adopted Monday an aggressive but untested strategy to manipulate oil prices. This is the largest commodity market in the world.

The plan would allow Russia’s oil exports to be continued to the rest of the world. However, it would severely limit the price of its oil. This is an acknowledgment that Russia’s oil revenues are not affected by the rapid-imposed embargoes imposed by the United States and its allies on Moscow’s lucrative exports.

Although the West has placed economic sanctions on Russia to try and stop its economy from shrinking, they have failed. Economists forecast that Russia’s economy will shrink by nearly 10% this year, after its initial sharp losses.

On Monday, Moscow made steady but not rapid gains in Ukraine’s east region. It caused heavy casualties in Ukraine and continued its relentless shelling against cities along the Black Sea coast as well as at the Russian border.

G7 leaders declared that they will ban imports from Russia of Russian gold starting Sunday. This is yet another sign that the West seeks new ways to isolate Moscow.