Yang Suggests COVID-19 Vaccine Barcodes

    Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang just received harsh criticism over a question he recently asked his Twitter audience. “Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated – like a barcode they can download to their phone? There ought to be,” Yang wrote.

    The businessman goes on to explain that it’s going to be “tough” to have mass gatherings, like concerts or ball games, without either a mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling. He said that he had gotten a bracelet showing that he was tested negative and that it allowed people to “interact more freely.”

    Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra pointed out that Yang is advocating for policies promoted by the Chinese Community Party, which has people in concentration camps. Chinese President Xi Jinping has been pushing the use of QR codes to “monitor” the coronavirus worldwide for months now.

    President Jinping argued that the use of QR-based health certificates would fast-track international travel and help businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Users would be issued with a code based on potential exposure to the coronavirus. The colors would work like traffic lights – green is safest, then amber, and red.

    Critics have been reluctant over concerns of privacy and the use of Chinese technology in the world. President Trump has continued to push closer with allies in Europe, North America, and the Pacific while abandoning Chinese 5G technology.

    “The main problem of any international coronavirus app would be maintaining the privacy of the data. But will individuals consent to another government that isn’t their own government accessing their data? That may be the price to pay for travel,” warned Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Research Program at the University of New South Wales’ Kirby Institute.

    People lashed out at Yang and compared it to totalitarianism, particularly Nazi Germany, with references to the yellow stars or tattoos that persecuted Jews wore. The question was concerning since most Americans believe that the government already overstepped their boundaries regarding extended lockdowns this year.

    Conservative podcaster Stephen Miller replied back, “Might want to rethink this one before running for mayor of the city with the largest concentration of Jewish population in the country.” This was after Yang called on elected officials for support about potentially running for mayor of New York City.

    Other conservative politicians noted that they are all for vaccines, but that Yang’s proposal is just “weird and creepy.” Of course, the left will just claim that it’s all conspiracy theories. They are more critical of those who investigate than those who conspire. It’s just another step towards a massive invasion of privacy.