Will DeSantis Punish Women Who Violate Abortion Ban?

NBC News Dasha Burns and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis argued over abortion during an interview on Monday.

DeSantis signed into law a six-week ban on abortions in April. DeSantis told Burns he wouldn’t support punishing women for violating abortion bans.

“Not at all,” DeSantis replied when Burns asked whether he supported punishing women who violate an abortion ban. “No, I don’t think this is an issue about the woman. I think a lot of these women, you know, are in very difficult circumstances. They don’t get any support from a lot of the fathers.”

DeSantis said that the lack of support for women could be a reason why they are getting abortions. He said that this support was provided repeatedly in Florida.

He added: “Most women who choose abortions do so because they don’t feel supported and abandoned.” “Now in Florida, we have provided support and put our money where our mouth is. “However, at the end, I wouldn’t support any punishments on women.”

Burns pressed DeSantis to say if he became president in the next year, he would veto any federal ban on abortion.

Burns asked: “So, would you veto a federal bill that attempts to impose a national ban?”

DeSantis stated, “We will be pro-life presidents and we will support policies that are pro-life.” “I wouldn’t allow what many on the left want to do which is to override the pro-life protections in the entire country, up to the moment of birth, and even beyond that, as some cases, which I consider infanticide.”

Burns said, “I have to push back against you because that is a misrepresentation.” “I mean, 1,3% of abortions occur at 21 weeks or higher.”

DeSantis retorted: “But they believe that there shouldn’t be any legal protections up to that point.”

Burns replied, “There’s no indication that Democrats are pushing for this.”

DeSantis, like other Republican presidential candidates, has resisted saying outright if he supports a federal ban on abortion. The Hill reported that former president Donald Trump has not yet indicated if he would be in favor of such a ban.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott have expressed support for a federal ban on abortion if they are elected in 2024.