Will Bill Clinton be Identified in Previously Redacted Jeffrey Epstein Documents?

ABC News reports that former President Clinton will be identified as one of many John Does in documents previously redacted relating to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sexual offender.

Alexandria Hoff, a Fox News reporter, reported on Monday that Clinton was “not the only big name expected to be released.”

Hoff stated on Monday that the legal masking of more than 150 people is about to be removed.

A federal judge in New York last month ordered the unsealing of dozens of documents naming people connected to the disgraced, late financier.

Hoff reported that “the Manhattan federal judge ruled there was no reason to continue having documents sealed in a settled case involving Epstein’s accuser.” The documents will be released tomorrow with no redactions. Former President Bill Clinton is among the names that are listed. ABC News reports this.

ABC News announced on Sunday that Clinton would be named, but “there’s no evidence” of illegal conduct by the former President in the sealed documents. ABC News reports that Clinton’s name is mentioned in the redacted files more than 50 different times.

A Clinton spokesperson declined to speak with Disney’s news organization. Clinton’s spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.

Documents are expected to reveal the identities of many people including victims, associates, journalists, and investigators who have covered the case. The names of minor victims, who have never spoken publicly about the case, and one person who was incorrectly identified by a journalist as a perpetrator will be kept under seal.

One person requested that the court not release her name. She argued that this could expose her to physical harm.

The order was part of a lawsuit filed in 2015 between Epstein’s accuser Virginia Giuffre, and his former lover Ghislaine Maxwell. The case was resolved in 2017, but in hearings held in 2021 or 2022, the judge stated that names would not be sealed indefinitely. Giuffre claims that Epstein and Maxwell abused her when she was just 17 years old. She is in her 30s.

Epstein, who was already a convicted Florida sex offender, died in the Metropolitan Correctional Center of New York in 2019 while awaiting a federal trial for sex trafficking. It was determined that his death was caused by suicide.

In a report of 128 pages released in June, federal investigators confirmed the designation. The report found flaws in the Bureau of Prisons, its staff, and the prisons themselves. However, it did not uncover any evidence that would contradict the death of Epstein as a self-inflicted suicide.