Why The Press Is Taking It So Easy On Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has broken the record of waiting 64 days in office to hold his first press conference, which is far more than any other U.S president in over 100 years. While he campaigned on working diligently with press reporters and providing transparency to the American public, he’s done everything but. While he is expected to hold his first press conference since taking office this Thursday one has to ask, what took Sleepy Joe so long?

In new Hill-HarrisX poll findings between March 10-22, voters were asked if they believed Joe Biden avoiding a press conference reflects a transparency problem within the administration or if they believe that the daily briefings by his press secretary (currently Jen Psaki) and other media appearances are enough.

The audience was split right down the middle, with 52% voting that the daily briefings and media appearances are enough and 48% believing that this is a problem for transparency within the administration. 78% of the audience who believed the daily briefings by Psaki were enough were Democrats while 73% of the audience who believed there were transparency problems were Republicans. This was among 2,858 registered voters.

The transparency has gotten worse with each day as White House Jen Psaki has been unable to answer any questions regarding the crisis at the border. She even slipped one day by calling it a “crisis” before a reporter came to her defense and asked her to clarify, in which she rephrased that there were “challenges on the border.”

In most recent news, there have been hundreds of thousands of new filings of unemployment among Americans and President Biden just dropped $86 million with a nonprofit organization in Texas to house illegal immigrants. Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson asked Psaki why the administration spent $86 million on hotel rooms for housing and feeding migrants while National Guard troops who were defending the Capitol had to sleep in parking garages and got sick from contaminated food.

“That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out. That our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms,” Robinson adds.

Psaki responded that President Biden has “offered assistance” and “offered to play any role that he could play” but offered no further details. The response was met with praise by social media critics for asking such a “great question,” while others just mocked Psaki with memes that she will “circle back” to that question.

As we get closer to Biden’s first press conference, Washington Post writers have even warned press reporters to be on their best behavior and not try to “look as tough on Biden as they were on President Donald Trump.” Writers even complained that Psaki has been hounded by the White House reporters, despite their refusal to argue against her vague responses or ask anything but softball questions. They told the press to avoid the “constant bias for drama” that could lead to misleading coverage and even suggested that the administration should fact-check all White House press corps.

But the American people want answers on why thousands of children have been locked up in migrant facilities and Biden is catering millions of dollars to them while U.S citizens struggle to pay their rent and feed their children. The press have even been denied access to all migrant facility locations and there has been a gag order placed on all Border Agents and Homeland Security officials. Even former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who constantly had to battle the press under the Trump administration, has demanded that Biden be asked tough questions at his first press conference and not just “What are your thoughts on the border?”

The radical left press wants to let President Biden off the hook with softball questions that have pre-written answers on a teleprompter screen and leave it at that. Otherwise, Psaki will do the answering for him and “circle back” to that later. Talk about the laughing stock of the world.