Why Should NPR Be Defunded?

National Public Radio (also known as NPR) has been facing a number of challenges in recent weeks. These include the backlash against their false claims regarding transgender athletes and their levels of strength, Twitter CEO Elon Musk defining their account as “state-affiliated” media, and the layoffs of about 100 staff members, which resulted in some uncomfortable woke Zoom meetings.

The struggle for NPR has been real, but one thing has given them comfort, and that is the fact that they have the Biden White House’s full support. In a textbook case that proved Musk right, the Biden White House rushed to NPR’s defense when Musk branded them as “state-affiliated” media in early April.

The NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith made the same point but in a less obvious manner. She appeared on MSNBC’s low-rated “Morning Joe,” Friday, to discuss the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner with co-host Mika Brzezinski, a fellow Democrat apologist. It is scheduled to be held Saturday at the swanky Washington Hilton.

Both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are expected to attend. Biden is scheduled to give a speech as he did back in 2022.

Keith believes that having Biden and Harris on stage, which is the first time since 2009 a POTUS, and their Vice President, have appeared together at an event, is important. She also feels it is a sign of their “endorsement for the important work the press does in American democracy.”

She actually said it.


Keith’s actions were a reminder to NPR critics of the reasons why they should not receive any taxpayer funds.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democrats won’t attend because they are in favor of “the work the press has done in American democracy” They will be attending because they support the “important work” that the press performs for Democrats by causing them to be manipulated, not only in the way they create bogus conspiracies about Republicans but also how they portray Republican opposition as racist, sexist homophobic transphobic and cold-hearted.

This ain’t “supporting American Democracy,” y’all. This is a huge sabotage.