Why ‘Racial Affinity Groups’ And ‘Critical Race Theory’ Are Destroying Schools

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing last year, New York City schoolteachers decided to host an “Anti-racist Community Meeting” on June 23 2020 that was sponsored by the Department of Education’s Early Childhood Division. They adopted the use of affinity groups in order to give coaching applications and lessons plans on tackling “racial equity.” The meeting ended up marginalizing staffers by their race and targeted white teachers for being “privileged.” Educators even accused Hispanic leaders of not standing up for their community.

People in the meeting were split up into discussion groups based on race. The choices included: “blacks or African-American, Latinx, Middle Eastern and North African, multiracial or mixed, Native and Indigenous, Asian Pacific Islander American, White Allies.” ‘White’ was the only group marked as “allies,” supposedly considered to stand for “anti-racist.”

Affinity groups, which were being utilized by the New York City public college system, were meant to “tackle discrimination and white privilege” by separating college students and employees by racial teams. But others argued that separating faculties by race is discriminatory itself. “It’s like we’re not allowed to be white. Why do I have to state if I’m an ally? If we’re signing up for this workshop, they should assume we’re allies,” a staffer complained.

Another parent complained that affinity groups requested them to replicate on their “whiteness” in order to deal with white supremacy, white privilege, and discrimination.

In an 18-page report by the U.S Department of Education, Civil Rights enforcement director Carol Ashley said the Evanston- Skokie School District, which adopted the groups, violated a number of civil rights laws. She lists a number of labels used within the training programs, such as “white” and “non-white,” as deliberately segregating students by race and reducing them to a set of racial stereotypes.

The idea of affinity groups relates back to the divisiveness reflected in ‘critical race theory’ which “helps white people” identify the discomfort, confusion, and numbness that often accompanies a “white racial awakening.”

Affinity groups also participated in a “colorism privilege stroll,” which separated college students into teams based on race and asked them to take a certain amount of steps forward depending on the color of their skin. They wrote that the “objective” was to teach white college students about “white privilege, internalized dominance, microaggressions and tips on how to act as an ally for college kids of shade.”

“These materials would have led students to be treated differently based on their race, depriving them of a class free from racial recrimination and hostility. Such treatment has no place in federally-funded programs or activities, nor is it protected by the First Amendment. The District’s policy to impose racial discrimination in discipline has no part in federally funded education programs or activities,” Ashley wrote.

Due to the incoming Biden Administration, Ashley received a phone call on January 22 that her case was being suspended due to President Biden’s new government orders regarding racism and discrimination against minorities and LGBT citizens.” While the U.S Department of Education office has not made any final decisions, a spokesperson confirmed that they will be investigating and ensuring non-discriminatory access to education for all students.

The radical left continues to destroy schools with affinity groups and critical race theory in order to create more racial division in the world. These experiments are neither normal or sound in society, or, in fact, in any way helpful to race relations or the mental health of participants. Just more liberal garbage.