Why Joe Biden Keeps Telling Pointless Lies One After the Other?

Someone must have told Joe Biden long ago in a galaxy that was not so distant, the importance of relatability to connect with constituents and secure their votes. Every time the president speaks, it’s clear that he thinks convincing people he is “one of them,” will win them over. We’re then treated to Joey from Scranton, the first Oval Office resident “who was a civil rights activist, black, Puerto Rican and Polish truck driver, who challenged Corn Pop in a duel while visiting shuls and black churches.”

Our ethnic chameleon leader loves to tell stories about his youth and the lessons he learned from his parents. Biden never seemed to realize that stories only make you relatable if they aren’t false. They are often false. Biden lies constantly, and not for any apparent reason. He may be trying to earn cool points by lying about his Amtrak friend Angelo Negri.

In that respect, Tuesday, when he announced his bid for reelection in 2024, was not different from any other day. Biden, while addressing North America’s Building Trade Unions Legislative Conference (NABTU), invoked the memory of his paternal grandpa, an oil entrepreneur who was (apparently) tasked to open up gas stations during the 1920s and 1930s. Joe says:

He died two weeks before my birth in the hospital where I was born.

Biden’s grandfather Joseph Harry Biden died in Baltimore in September 1941. President Biden was actually born in Scranton in November 1942. This is about 14 months and 200 miles away. Biden, then, has made up yet another tall tale — again for no apparent reason. The location or the time of his grandfather’s death had nothing to do with the rest of the story.

My grandpop is from Baltimore, as they say there. Pronounced with a Baltimore accent. (Laughter.) He worked for American Oil Company. His job was to set up new gas stations across the country in the late ’20s, ’30s.

Guess what? The people didn’t like the gas stations, because they were concerned about “How many thousands of gallons are sitting beneath the surface of their neighborhoods?”

What happens after the gas station is built? You get a drugstore. You end up with a coffee shop. It generates growth.

It is important to note that Ambrose Joseph Finnegan was his maternal grandfather. He was a civil engineer, and then an ad salesman for Scranton newspapers, who lived until Joe Biden reached his teenage years.

Joe Biden, for some reason unknown, felt the need to lie about when and where his grandfather died. Maybe he calculated it incorrectly. Since Hunter is the smartest person he knows, he might not be very good at math.