Why Did Zelenskyy Visit Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers in NYC Hospital?

There are an awful lot of strange things about the war in Ukraine. Here’s another one.

As a matter of fact, on Monday The New York Post reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had “headed to Staten Island University Hospital Monday to visit his country’s wounded soldiers”, after arriving this week in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. It was portrayed as a story of inspiration: the Commander-in-Chief boosts the morale and inspires those wounded while defending the nation.

Sky News did not give any explanation as to why they were there.

According to The Post’s report, Zelenskyy “thanked Ukrainian troops receiving treatment at the Hospital, and helped one soldier getting up from his wheelchair while they took a photo together.” Zelenskyy’s trip was even more inspirational because he “rewarded soldiers who were in wheelchairs or with prosthetic limbs.”

Zelenskyy also “toured” the facility while in Kyiv and “made a short address” to soldiers. Zelenskyy “reportedly” issued the nation’s battle cry, ‘Glory to Ukraine’, while soldiers responded in Ukrainian with ‘Glory to Heroes’.

Since when is Staten Island part of Ukraine? Zelenskyy purchased it with the billions that the Biden regime dumped on him.

Michael Dowling, the CEO of The Post and owner of Staten Island University Hospital, hinted at this bizarre scenario when he said that “18 Ukrainian soldiers have been treated in the medical center since March.”

ABC News reported that on March 30, “a U.S. non-profit provides life-changing prosthetics to Ukrainian soldiers who were injured defending their country against Russian forces.”  Kind Deed is a nonprofit that has provided prosthetic limbs for 11 Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the line of duty defending their nation against Russian forces.

Dowling stated, “We have a duty to help Ukraine in any way we can.” “We have the privilege to help in any way we can. Dr. Brahim Adolic, Executive Director at Staten Island University Hospital,” added: “The soldiers want their country to return. ”

He said, “We have never seen so many patients eager to recover and return to their home country to help. Zelenskyy presented awards to the hospital staff in the same spirit. ”

Zelenskyy is in New York to speak at the UN, but will also be visiting his piggybank. “Zelenskyy plans to meet with President Biden and the congressional leadership in Washington, D.C. this week in order to try to secure additional U.S. assistance since Russia’s occupation in Ukraine has been approaching 20 months. ”

It is inevitable that he will get it because America’s infrastructure continues to crumble. Americans are increasingly burdened by the financial burden of having to care for all those who have problems in the world.

Zelenskyy and Old Joe will not discuss the wisdom of America becoming more involved in Ukraine’s war, which could bring the world even closer to war. Injured Ukrainian soldiers receive treatment in the United States and are presumably funded by charities. Nobody seems to care about the bigger picture.

So relax. There will never be any consequences for America’s actions, and the money will never run out. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!