Why Did AOC Ask for Tucker Carlson to be Censored Before His Fox Departure?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Representative from New York State, told Jen Psaki (former White House Press Secretary & current MSNBC host) on Sunday that Fox News hosts should be censored.

Psaki asked, “Do you think media organizations or social media platforms should be accountable for the role, of being platforms for incitement?”

Ocasio Cortez responded: “I think that broadcast television, such as Fox News, is subject to federal law and federal regulation regarding what’s permitted on air. “When you see what Tucker Carlson, and other people on Fox, do, there is very, clearly an incitement to violence. “That is the line we must be prepared to cross.”

We have real concerns about what can be said on the air. We saw this leading up to and during the Jan. 6 riots. How we navigated questions — not only freedom of speech but also accountability for violence incitement — is something we need to explore in law.

Ocasio Cortez called for Tucker Carlson, and other Fox News hosts, to be censored a day before Fox News and Tucker Carlson announced their separation.

“FOX Media and Tucker Carlson are parting ways.” Fox News issued a statement thanking Carlson for his contributions to the network, both as a presenter and contributor. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority leader (D-NY), had called for Tucker’s censorship in a previous statement. He said that Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch has a “special obligation” to stop Tucker Carlson from going on, after seeing how he perverted and slimed the truth.

Carlson’s departure from the network is currently not clear. Many were shocked by the news, especially considering Carlson’s high ratings. Dan Bongino left the network last week after the two sides failed to agree on a contract. We don’t yet know if Carlson’s exit was due to pressure from Democrats or a recent settlement with Dominion. Carlson, who had an average nightly audience of more than three million, wielded a significant amount of influence and played a crucial role in shaping Fox News’ conservative perspective. His absence will have a significant impact on the network.