WHO Declares ‘Infodemic,’ Announces ‘Misinformation’ Surveillance Program

The World Health Organization, funded by the CCP-Bill Gates team, is very busy putting in place its “pandemic” treaties, which, in effect, hand over the national control of an state’s response to public health to unaccountable, multinational bureaucrats – whose interests are not shared, not without importance, by the populations they exercise authority over.

In a similar vein, the WHO has recently succeeded in implementing “vaccine passes” throughout the European Union.

The organization declares war on an “infodemic” that is in line with these two projects of social control.

The public has access to a vast amount of information, whether it is traditional or digital. Information is not only provided by health institutions anymore. This new information eco-system has created a new “Health Threat”, called infodemic, that is associated with epidemics and pandemics.

Infodemic refers to the abundance of inaccurate or accurate information that makes it difficult for people to adopt behaviors that protect their own health, and the health of the families and communities they live in. Infodemics can have a direct impact on health, hinder the implementation of countermeasures in public health and undermine social cohesion and trust. Infodemics cannot be eradicated, they can only managed. The WHO and its partners developed an infodemic management approach that includes Risk Communication and Community Engagement, adding additional tools and methods to manage it efficiently in the 21st Century.

It may seem that the use of “infodemics” is a rhetorical term often used by PR departments and large organizations. It is a way of referring to issues that are not directly related to public health, but which are grouped under the umbrella term Public Health(tm).

I’ve written about this phenomenon in other places, such as when the Democrat Governor of New York rebranded gun control to a Public Health ™ matter.

This method allows the government to create a new excuse for the confiscation of guns, censorship (in the case “infodemic”), or any other social engineering project that is fashionable.

If the WHO is truly interested in fighting what it calls “misinformation,” it should start with Public Health(tm), whose bureaucrats have lied repeatedly and without consequence for more than three years.

It could start with the state-owned corporate news media who, without knowing the actual ingredients or mechanisms of action, claimed that the COVID-19 shots were “safe and effective”, when, in fact, the evidence did not support this claim. More and more research has now confirmed it.

We know that the WHO will apply its “infodemics” in a way that is unfair, arbitrary, opaque, and without meaningful recourse to those who are censored.