White House Releases Biden’s Health Summary, Describes President as ‘Healthy and Robust’

President Biden has been declared to be fit to serve in the role of Commander-in-Chief.

KJP: Biden is a “cognitive tester” every day with the demands of the presidency

Biden announced earlier on Wednesday that he would be making an unaccounted visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to undergo a physical examination.

After his physical exam, President Biden’s age was classified as “healthy and robust” at 81.

The White House announced the results of Biden’s physical examination on Wednesday afternoon. He had taken Marine One to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the examination.

Biden’s fitness to “fully perform the duties of the Presidency” was determined by Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

The release stated that “President Biden, at 81 years old, is still a healthy and active male who is fit to perform the duties of Presidency including those of Chief Executive, Head Of State, and Commander In Chief.”

Washington Post warned that the Biden administration would face a challenge in 2024 due to the growing hawkishness of Democratic Party voters on immigration.

In his note on Biden’s exam, Dr. O’Connor noted that the President’s exam was “essentially unchanged” from the baseline.

The release stated that “the President feels well” and that the physical examination this year had revealed no new problems.

O’Connor stated that Biden’s gait “has not deteriorated” from last year, even though it remains stiff.

The release stated that “the President’s arthritic symptoms are moderate to severe but do not cause nerve root compression significant or enough to warrant treatment.”

On Wednesday, February 7, President Joe Biden arrived at Andrews Air Force Base before boarding Marine One to make a quick trip to the White House.

O’Connor said that Biden’s cancerous skin, which had been removed last year, has not spread, and that he was fitted with new contact lenses for the president.

The doctor described how the 81-year-old President uses a CPAP device to treat sleep apnea.

The release stated, “Given how important sleep is for everyone, but especially for senior executives, we revisited this issue last spring and conducted a formal study on sleep.” This study confirmed that I had suspected the President could benefit from a PAP to optimize his sleep efficiency.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre speaks to reporters at the Brady Press Briefing Room in Washington DC on February 28, 2024.

The White House had confirmed that Biden wouldn’t be taking a cognitive exam as part of the examination.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, said: “I’m going to say what Dr. O’Connor told me about a month ago when [Biden’s medical] was released.” “The President proves himself every day in how he works and thinks by dealing with world leaders. He also does this by making difficult decisions for the American people, whether they are domestic or national security.

Recent polls have found that Biden’s age is a big issue not only for Americans as a whole but also for Democrat voters.

According to a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, 86% of Americans think Biden is old enough to serve another term. This includes 73% of Democrats.