White House in Crisis: Health Fears Grip Biden, First Lady Steps In

Joe Biden’s physical and psychological decline has been steep over the past several years and is impossible to ignore. He’s so prone to embarrassing incidents during public speeches that his handlers forced him to use the short steps on Air Force One to avoid falling,

A new report claims that this decline is creating tensions within the White House. Biden’s top aides, including Jill Biden, are trying to get him to slow down. But he is not listening.

The President’s unwillingness to admit his physical limitations, at 81 years old, is creating tension in his team. Senior aides as well as First Lady Jill Biden are pushing him to rest and to be more vigilant about his health moving into 2024.

Biden’s age is not a factor. Current and former aides have said that he is incredibly energetic. Biden’s repeated assertion that he feels young can make some people laugh: Current and former aides think he doesn’t understand how old he looks.

Biden often says, “I feel younger than my actual age” in conversations with friends and aides.

Biden has to manage his schedule and his energy to ensure he can continue to serve as president until January 2029 when he will be 86.

It’s an Axios piece, so ignore the spin. What matters is the argument. The above excerpt contains contradictions. Biden may be “extraordinarily active for his age,” but if they still worry that a typical workload for a President is too much for Biden, he is not so extraordinarily energetic.

The president’s delusions about his health only make matters worse. He’s not aware enough of his issues to be able to make decisions on behalf of the world’s most powerful nation.

Zoom in: Former and current Biden aides claim that he pushes them to travel more and attend more events than they believe he should.

Biden’s tendency to push himself beyond his limits can create a vicious cycle where he exhausts himself and then looks tired during public appearances. This can raise concerns about his age even if he is taking on a demanding schedule.

Former Biden aide: “He is his worst enemy in terms of his schedule.”

Jill Biden’s team is deeply involved with the President’s daily schedule.

She tries to give him as much sleep as she can and improve his diet.

The language used is a bit misleading. Biden does not “appear fatigued at public events.” He is tired during these events. He can’t even read the teleprompter anymore without showing his senility.

Also, I am curious about the President. Joe Biden, or Jill Biden. It seems that she controls every aspect of her husband’s lifestyle, including his diet and sleep schedule. It’s strange that the media is focusing on her involvement, but does not find it objectionable. Do you think Axios or any other mainstream media outlet would mention this as a problem if it was reported that Melania had to micromanage Donald Trump because he is so physically and mentally deteriorated?

This is disqualifying. To be clear, it is not the equivalent of having a President who is in a wheelchair or has another physical disability. Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas governor, doesn’t require special consideration for rest because he is so old and declining. Anyone who needs to be coddled in this way should not be President.