White House Has Not Ruled Out Diplomacy Forever With Russia, Psaki Says

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that the Biden White House does not rule out “diplomacy forever” with Russia in the wake of the Kremlin’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine. During Friday’s White House daily press briefing, Psaki stated that the U.S. would never completely eliminate the Eastern European aggressor.

Psaki was also asked by the reporter why President Biden, and Russian President Vladimir Putin weren’t talking.

She replied, “Because (Putin) invaded a sovereign country.”

Psaki stated, “I would suggest that a moment when a leader begins and is in the middle invading sovereign countries is not the moment where diplomacy seems appropriate.”

“It doesn’t mean that we haven’t ruled out diplomacy for ever. The president is open to engaging at a leader-to–leader level but that is not the case right now.

Psaki also stated that the U.S. was not in a “business-as-usual” moment during the Russian invasion.

Psaki also confirmed that the U.S. would join the European Union to sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin over the invasion in Ukraine.

Psaki stated that the United States would join the European allies in sanctioning President Putin as well as Foreign Minister Lavrov “in accordance with the decision of our European allies.”

Reporters pressed Psaki about whether Putin was sanctioned by the president after a press conference in which he dodged many questions.

Biden’s press secretary, while acknowledging that personal sanctions against Putin had been on the table for some times, confirmed that it was decided to proceed with them “over the past 24 hours.”

These sanctions include a travel ban against Russia. However, it is not clear if this ban would apply to Putin.

Psaki’s announcement came as Russian forces bomb the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in an attempted coup attempt. Both sides of the aisle condemned the attack against the sovereign nation.