‘Where’s the Money?’ Laughing Biden Mocks Us Over His Bribery Scandal

As I said yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-Ga.), dropped a Fat Man in regards to Gropey Biden’s $10 million bribes that he and his crackhead, Hunter, allegedly took from Burisma, an energy firm in Ukraine.

Greene says she has seen an FBI document detailing Biden’s bribery. The document alleges that Hunter Biden received almost $1 million in annual compensation as a board member at Burisma from 2014 until 2019. [Editor’s Note: Greene hasn’t released the document, and PJ Media was unable to review it or authenticate its authenticity.]

Hunter has no experience in the energy industry and cannot even say in Ukrainian “Ia Liubliu Narkotiki i Povii!”

Green also said that it details how Joe Biden allegedly was paid $5 million for a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma’s shady dealing with Hunter Biden to be fired before he did any damage.

Biden may have bragged mockingly about holding $1 billion worth of aid for Ukraine above the head of an official from Ukraine to get the prosecutor fired. Biden did it in true Biden fashion, on camera.

FIBS-O-RAMA! Biden does not have a poker face. Biden is a man of few words.

Biden’s mocking, haughty attitude was on display when a reporter asked him recently about the Oversight Committee evidence that Burisma holdings paid Hunter and “the big guy” each $5 million.

After Biden uttered some nonsense about climate change, he was repeatedly asked by reporters what the Oversight Committee found.

“The allegation of bribery. Congresswoman Nancy Mace claims that there is damning evidence contained in the FBI files that you sold the country. “Do you have a reply to the Republican members of Congress?” the reporter demanded.

Biden responded with his trademark “Wow, this is uncomfortable. I’m going to laugh.” grin.

When no one laughed, Biden said: “Where’s your money… I am joking.”

Biden continued, “It is a bunch of nonsense,” before leaving the stage.

“Malarkey”, a pathetically weak response, is the FBI’s reaction to a serious FBI whistleblower allegation. The FBI is so concerned about the safety of the informant if the identity is revealed.

Biden’s fear is not hidden by a large, fake simper.