Where’s Hunter? White House Evacuated After Cocaine Found

The White House grounds had to be evacuated due to an unidentified package.

“U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division officers located an unknown object on the White House Complex,” a Secret Service spokesperson confirmed. The DC Fire Department Hazmat team was called to respond. “As an extra precaution, the White House grounds had been evacuated.”

It’s strange that this incident hasn’t received much news coverage. It’s strange that the Hazmat response and evacuation of the White House is not a major story. The item was eventually declared “non-hazardous”. Emergency Medical officials are not entirely to blame.

A D.C. Fire Hazmat audio recording revealed that the substance detected was cocaine hydrochloride.

On social media, users claim that Cocaine Hydrochloride is used as a local anesthetic by doctors for surgical procedures to numb their nostrils. Does this sound true technically? Sure. The nasal solution containing cocaine hydrochloride is used to numb mucous membranes inside the nose prior to medical procedures or surgery. Mayo Clinic describes this medicine as a local anesthetic. This medicine should only be administered by your doctor or under his direct supervision.

Do you believe the claim that nasal spray has been found in the White House? You shouldn’t.

Addiction Resources states that cocaine hydrochloride powder is used as a drug or local anesthetic. Abusing cocaine can have adverse side effects. Cocaine is processed into three different types of cocaine: crack cocaine, freebase cocaine and cocaine hydrochloride.

What is Cocaine Hydrochloride (CHC)?

Cocaine hydrochloride has a white powdery texture with an acrid and numbing flavor.

In the United States, it is sometimes used as a topical anesthetic or sold illegally in powder form.

All methods of administration of cocaine are absorbed. It is possible to snort (insufflate) cocaine hydrochloride for a high.

Freebase, or crack cocaine, is the other “base” form of cocaine. These forms of Cocaine are often smoked because they have a stimulating and euphoric effect.

What can we learn from this? It is possible, despite the best efforts made by some to suggest that the cocaine hydrochloride discovered at the White House was harmless nasal spray. Instead, it could have been a simple bag of cocaine. The mainstream media has not shown any interest in this story, and there’s no official confirmation that the substance was nasal spray. Hunter Biden was also at the White House recently for a State Dinner. He is a drug addict who has supposedly recovered.

Does the package of cocaine hydrochloride that was found have any connection to Hunter Biden at all? It’s unclear at this time, but should we believe that the nasal spray found is what was discovered?