What This Air Force Colonel Says Is Important Will Blow Your Mind

If I’m not familiar enough with the “background” of a topic, I spend some time researching to build a solid foundation. The military’s tendency to DEI and officers’ desire to be more awake than the next officer makes it easy for me lay a solid foundation.

Recently, my colleague wrote about a Major pretending to be a woman. Major Jones, a man, “identifies” himself as a female. Major Jones has a sagging hairline and a large midsection. The Major is clearly overweight. Would he be able to pass a fitness test for men? Most likely not. Jones, or any man who pretends to be a female in the military will likely be “exempted” from the standard once their maleness is removed. He could be fired. Theoretically, yes, but in practice, no. While not meeting standards can result in being discharged, it is unlikely that a commander will do this if they want to be promoted.

Recruitment is on the decline:

Death Spiral

Defense Data for FY2023 show most military services are sucking swamp water.

  • Army: 69 percent of its goal
  • Navy: 60 percent of its goal.
  • Air Force: 87 percent of its goal.
  • Marine Corps: 100 percent of its goal.
  • Space Force: 100 percent of its goal.

Some men and women no longer see the military as their career or as a way to improve their lives. Don’t be surprised if people don’t want your organization when you criticize them for their race or gender.

Air Force has a large number of pilots. You may not be able to go home for the evening if you make an error while flying. It is possible to die from mistakes. What are the priorities of the Air Force? Pride in being gay, transgender, or a two-bear spirit. No merit. My buddy SisterTodjah noted:

Consider the United States Air Force’s Twitter account. On Wednesday they sent out a tweet to celebrate Pride Month. It showed a U.S. Soldier saluting a Pride Flag, not an American flag.

What’s next? Tell a large section of the population that they are no longer welcome to join the Air Force. Diversity is important for its own sake. Our strength is diversity – merit and skill are secondary. Civil Air Patrol is not for white men. Col. Mark Wootan thinks the sky is blue but it’s too white and male.

Are you looking for the right person to do the job? This is so 20th Century. Meritocracy no longer matters in a job that could mean the difference between life and death. Wootan’s remarks were made last year. But in the modern military, joining DEI is a quick way to promote yourself. Get rid of the white guys.

Mark Milley, during a congressional hearing, mumbled about “white anger” and how “wokeness” was not a thing. He said:

I am white and I want to know what white rage is. And I want it to be understood. … I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve studied Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. This does not make me a Communist.

What’s wrong with knowing, and understanding the situation of the country we are defending? I find it offensive to accuse the United States Military, our generals, our officers, and non-commissioned staff, of being “woke” or anything else just because we’re interested in some theories.

Col. Wootan understands his orders. He knows what he’s supposed to do. He is on board, sir. He wants the approval of Congress for his star. There’s a problem, Colonel. You are a white man in his middle age. Combat experience? Merit? Meh. You’re white, so it’s time to get rid of DEI.

Buckle up. Prepare for a rough landing.