What Is Going On With the Strange Deaths and Mutilations of These Cattle?

It is clear that we are living in strange times. And they’re only getting stranger. Everyone is falling into line to praise the femininity of men who are pretending they are women. A kleptocrat with severe dementia is posing as the president of the United States. While the war clouds gather, our military brass learns why white people can be evil and why men pretending to be women should be laughed at. The strangeness doesn’t stop at humans. As the strange deaths of cattle in Texas have reminded us, it also affects animals.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Texas posted a Facebook notice Wednesday regarding this bizarre case. Local ranchers called the sheriff’s department when they found “a 6-year old longhorn-cross” lying on its side, dead, and mutilated, on their ranch.

It was a mutilation that was simply out of this world: “A clean, straight cut had been made with apparent precision to remove the skin around the mouth of the cow on one side. The meat underneath the removed hide was left untouched.” It was impossible to remove the tongue from the body without any blood. The story gets even stranger from there.

No predators or birds were interested in scavenging the cow’s remains, and it was left to rot for weeks.

It wasn’t a single incident. “While investigating the death of the longhorn-cross, five similar incidents involving four adult cattle and one yearling along the area OSR [a Texas State Highway] running into Brazos County and Robertson County were reported.” The incidents occurred at different pastures and locations.

Two of the five cows had more done: “a circular cutting was made to remove the anus as well as the external genitalia.” The circular cut was done with the same precision that the cuts around each cow’s jaw line. Like the first time, there was no sign of struggle, blood, or tracks. The remains would not be scavenged by predators or birds for weeks.

So far, no answers have come. The facts are so bizarre that it’s easy to find dramatic, unprovable explanations. Satan worshippers? Demons? Space aliens?

It is interesting that the mutilated cattle were found during a period when several large-scale deaths of cows had occurred. According to CBS News, in mid-April a fire broke on a farm in west Texas. “It killed about 18,000 cows worth millions of dollar and injured one worker ….Castro County Sherriff Salvador Rivera stated that the explosion and fire was likely caused by overheated machinery.”

The mysterious deaths of thousands cattle in Kansas occurred in June 2022. The official explanation was that the heat caused their deaths, but many people who have experience in farming were skeptical.

While environmentalists on the left insist that we all should eat bugs, because cows destroy the environment. Do they destroy cows in Madison County or elsewhere? If so, what is the reason for this strange ritualistic mutilation? This is just one of the strange stories that have been told in our bizarre age.