What Brian Stelter and Seth Moulton Are Talking About at the WEF Should Concern Us All

Chris Licht, the CEO, began to assess the situation at CNN. He made the decision to fire Brian Stelter and cancel his show “Reliable Sources”, back in August 2022.

After acting like a Democratic operative, where did he go?

Stelter was appointed a Harvard Kennedy School Walter Shorenstein Media & Democracy Fellow to “work with students and faculty during Fall 2022.”

Stelter, as the Walter Shorenstein Fellow, will host a series of discussions on threats to democracy and possible responses from the news media. The school stated that these discussions will be held with policymakers, journalists, politicians, Kennedy School students, fellows, and faculty to deepen public and scholarly knowledge about the current state and potential impacts of the information ecosystem on democratic governance.

Imagine Stelter being an authority on any topic, let alone “threats against democracy.” It’s unlikely that any of these topics were mentioned in the nonsense he was promoting.

Stelter will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) this week. Guess what he is doing there? He is on a WEF panel advising about “The Clear And Present Danger Of Disinformation.”

Does he teach about disinformation spreading?

A.G. Sulzberger serves as the NY Times’ chairman. According to him, disinformation is the “most existential” problem we face as a society.

Perhaps “trust falls” is because Americans don’t trust media outlets to tell the truth and not pick sides. Sulzberger might examine the reasons why so many people no longer trust The NY Times.

Stelter talks about Donald Trump all the while Stelter is talking. Stelter insists that he has lied. Yet, Stelter deems it good for Democrats to press social media “to become stronger in content moderation [crackdown on speech].

Rep. Seth Moulton, a Democratic-MA Democrat, stated, “Well, this is the question as to ultimately what we’re attempting to achieve there is some degree of public safety.” Moulton then blames misinformation for not being in a position to get people to receive a COVID vaccination.

Um, guys? This is calling for government censorship. Do you even believe that? You are responsible for the inability to convince people to get vaccines. This doesn’t mean that you should restrict speech from people who don’t agree with your views. Next, there’s the issue of who decides what “misinformation” means. The media and politicians of the left have been filled with misinformation for the past few years. However, this was okay with them. They were the ones who controlled social media organs and therefore it wasn’t censored. They must now talk about cracking down on speech since Twitter isn’t under their control.

Sulzberger says it is wrong to question speech and call things “fake News”.

The problem isn’t with questioning speech; it was communism and fascism that shut down speech and speech opponents.

Vera Jourova, European Commission for Values and Transparency, went a bit further and spoke about “illegal hatred speech.” She said that “You will soon have also in the U.S. I believe …”

Stelter questions Moulton about whether the U.S. is following Europe’s lead in cracking down on speech. Moulton says we have “a lot of things to learn” about Europe. “They’re far ahead of us in this regard.” He also acknowledges concerns about free speech. He was a Marine so he took some away from that. However, we have seen Democrats try to do just that — to follow Europe and censor speech they don’t like. We also saw Senator Ben Cardin (D.MD) saying, “aggressively,” to fight “hate speech on social media. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), endorsed the subjecting social media companies of “hefty lawsuits” in order to make them “do something about misinformation.” The office of Rep. Adam Schiff (D–CA) also pursued a journalist for allegedly pushing conspiracy theories. He was reporting on Schiff’s exposed material.

This is what they are referring to at the WEF. It isn’t a conspiracy. They believe this is the direction things are heading. This should concern all of us.