We’ve Got To All Stay Safe

Someone from Hollywood is promoting unity for once. Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan defended President Donald Trump by urging people to pull it together during the COVID-19 crisis and stop pointing fingers at others.

Morgan was being interviewed on NBC’s Today Show to promote the third season of his show, ‘The Last O.G.,’ when the conversation turned to the state of our world today and how life is treating him in quarantine. He began with a few subtle jokes about his marriage life before taking on a more serious tone, praising our health care workers on the front lines fighting and the heavy criticism President Trump has had to handle.

“The struggle is real. Right now we’re struggling. People want to criticize the president, but imagine being president of a country and half your country got sick. So it’s difficult for him. We’ve all got to pull together as people now. Now is not the time to blame and all these other things and anger. It’s here now. We just got to be together. We’ve got to all stay safe. Nobody wants to transmit it, nobody wants to attract it, nobody wants to get it. So let’s just stay safe and do the protocol that we have to do.” Morgan tells the Today Show.

The clip was then shared on Twitter by the fellow comedian and pro-Trump advocate Terrence Williams. Finally some common sense. Unity over division. Let’s hope this act isn’t unforgivable among the Liberal elite of Hollywood.

Morgan has also given a shout-out to health care workers as a guest on “The Howard Stern Show.” “To the doctors, the nurses, the first responders: you’re my hero,” Morgan said, adding, “I love you. Keep working hard. We need you. And really, it’s coming from the heart.”

Tracy makes a perfectly good point about how the Left behaves. It’s not about constructive criticism; it’s clearly about going after Trump, in the middle of a pandemic. The Left try to silence people of color as soon as they don’t fall in line with the narrative and enough is enough.

People have attacked Tracy Morgan in the comments for what he said. If you take the interview word for word all he is saying is that we need to stay strong as a country and refrain from constantly bashing President Trump for trivial things because we have much bigger things to worry about. So what exactly is the problem with that? An American defending the elected President and people act like the world is over.

There’s a line of respect Conservatives have drawn and Liberals have stepped right over that, pointing the blame in any direction but at themselves. They are making it nearly impossible for the President to do his work. It doesn’t help the country and it worsens the situation. Hoping President Trump fails right now makes no sense.

Back to what Tracy Morgan has noted, we must unify in supporting our President and healthcare workers. That is how we’ll get through and out of this together.