WEF Wants to Restrict Car Ownership for Climate Change

In the dystopian global technocratic world that the World Economic Forum is building to house slaves, (at least those who are allowed to survive), where they will eat bugs for their primary protein and own nothing, vehicles will be reserved exclusively for Party members.

The future cars will not only be electric, but they won’t exist for those who aren’t politically connected.

World Economic’s source document promotes “vehicle accessibility regulations to reduce traffic and pollution.”

SEAM (shared, electric and connected automated) strategy benefits would go far beyond mitigating the climate change. Today, passenger cars are responsible for over half of the urban air pollution. This has led to an estimated 1,8 million extra deaths in 2019 as well as nearly 2 million asthma cases in children. The electrification of transport will provide cleaner and healthier air to city dwellers. In addition, less vehicles will help reduce traffic and the need for motorways, parking, and maintenance. The estimated cost savings from adopting a SEAM to the global economy could be $5 trillion per year by 2050…

Transport is responsible for 60% of the global oil demand. Therefore, accelerating the switch to electric vehicles is a priority. However, synchronizing electrification and a shift to shared transport could deliver a significant reduction in emissions, while also tackling other issues, such as congestion, inefficiency in space allocation, safety, and so on.

Since many years, the World Economic Forum has advocated mandatory restrictions on car ownership to combat climate change.

The supporters of liberal economic policies once sold their vision by promising two-car garages and single-family houses with picket fencing, pies in every oven, or whatever the cliche was — in other words material abundance.

The World Economic Forum, a neoliberal organization with a high degree of technocracy, justifies its draconian policies by focusing on the reduction of “carbon footprints”, and the economic savings that can be achieved through deprivation. The abstract concepts of “Earth” or “environment” are given priority over the human welfare, if at all.

It’s not to reduce pollution or harmonize relationships between people and planets, although that would be a valid goal. Instead, it’s to restrict human rights under the false pretext of protecting the earth. This is anti-human, and it’s inherently opposed to the idea of self-government. Technocrats make all of the important decisions.

In a similar vein, the multinational banker Larry Fink described recently how his company uses ESG scores to “force behaviors” related to gender equity and racial equity(tm), declaring himself as de facto moral czar of world governments.