‘Wee Man’ Calls Out Hollywood’s Disappointing Decision to Yank Dwarf Roles in ‘Snow White’

Jason Acuna (better known as “Wee Man”) from the popular “Jackass franchise” has spoken out against the “woke disaster” of Disney removing dwarf actors from playing the iconic Seven Dwarves roles in the live-action remake of “Snow White”. This was done under the pretext of being “sensitive.” It’s almost funny.

According to a report from Breitbart News, Disney got blasted last year for the film by popular actor Peter Dinklage, himself a dwarf, who claimed that having dwarfish characters in the movie makes it a “f***ing backward story,” suggesting that the company should rewrite the whole thing and get rid of the characters. Seems to me someone doesn’t want to have any competition for roles best suited for people of small stature.

Disney announced that it would be consulting with members of dwarfism to see how the remake should proceed.

In the past year, Disney has revealed that it has reevaluated its plans for the movie and removed all but one dwarf role. The Daily Mail published a number of leaked photos showing the studio’s decision to “diversify” the cast by giving the roles to individuals with different ethnicities and genders. Only one dwarf role was left.

The studio then discriminated against a whole people group to satisfy stereotyping fears, while giving out the same parts to larger folks. Let it sink in a little.

Breitbart has more:

While some dwarf actors like Dylan Postl openly disagreed last year with Dinklage, when photos of a new cast leaked, many actors who have dwarfism again attacked Disney for taking away their roles and giving them full-sized actors. According to a recent interview with the entertainment website TMZ, Jackass stuntman Dylan Postl is now joining his fellow dwarf actors in criticizing Disney for deleting them.

Acuna said that the film starring Rachel Zegler in Snow White would replace jobs that little people could have. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is for dwarfs. Why are you hiring Snow White Seven Dwarfs?

Elf-Man added that Disney should scrap everything and start over.

Recasting is needed. You have to sometimes lose. Today they lost. Now they have to come back stronger. Disney, make it better,” he said.

Disney is not the only one in trouble for excluding people with dwarfism from roles originally meant for them. Warner Bros. reportedly took the role of Oompa-Loompas, and superimposed Hugh Grant’s face over actors with dwarfism in order to play the classic character who works in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Summarizing, trying to be consistent and woke is like mixing oil and water. It will simply not work, no matter how hard you attempt it. Stop trying to achieve the impossible. Choose the right actors to play the roles instead of trying to bend down to liberals’ insane rules.

Can we please stop making live-action remakes? I’ve seen it all and have bought all five thousand versions of Disney films released over the years. Tell us a new story.