Wave of Bomb Threats Targets 50 Synagogues in a Week: When Will It End?

I spend part of my mornings, and a large portion of my Saturdays, running errands. It’s a task I enjoy. I like the mundaneness of picking up nails, sprinkler parts, or checking the mail. On my way back home, I drove past the splash park. It was crowded with moms, and kids, and probably already littered in juice boxes, sunblock, and popsicles. This is a sight that gives a man hope and a sense of comfort that the country is not yet in the dumps.

No matter how much one enjoys the simple pleasures of life, reality is always lurking in the background or around the corner. No, I’m not referring to the aftermath of the recent debate that seems to be a constant in the media.

This year’s America’s birthday is a day to be celebrated. You should enjoy it, even if only to maintain your mental health. While evil has always managed to find its way into America, it’s never been so widespread. This has never happened before, or at least in the past two decades.

Just the News reported that over 50 synagogues received bomb threats in Florida last week. Bryan Leib is the Republican candidate in Florida’s 25th Congressional District. He told the publication, “I believe it’s gonna be traumatically worse.” I think that many of these pro-Hamas supporters wanted to test their limits on college campuses. The Jews are in the open. “That’s the way we feel at least.”

Rabbi Yisroel Spalter at the Chabad of Weston Center for Jewish Life in Weston, Fla., commented, “I think that we find ourselves in difficult times with so much unexpected antisemitism that has reared its ugly head …especially since Oct. 7.”

It used to be that such behavior was only associated with a bunch of skinheads huddled together in a basement, draped in swastikas. We have heard antisemitism coming from elected officials and seen it on college campuses, the largest exporters of Jew-hatred. Alvin Bragg and others who should be working for the welfare of the public have been blind to the behavior of these radicalized, entitled, and uninformed “students”, and the paid protesters that accompany them.

The history of our shores is in danger of repeating itself. I’d even go as far as to say that history is repeating itself both here and in Europe. Some of this has been overt on college campuses and others have almost flown under the radar.

During the Civil War, the nation struggled to overcome the sin of slavery. In a relatively short period (compared to the long history), it would take up civil rights, and destroy the evils that Jim Crow brought. In contrast, so many Japanese Americans during World War II were herded into internment camps because no one dared to say “No! You cannot imprison innocent Americans based solely on their DNA or country of origin.”

When the U.S. began to round up people, the bravery shown during the Civil War was missing. There was indeed a war, a global one at that. A “greater good”, however, should never be used as an excuse to do evil.

You know the truths I’m talking about. Now is not the right time to keep quiet.