Washington University Says Professionalism Is Racist

Washington University in St. Louis asks students one question: “Is Professionalism Racist Construct?”
The event will be held virtually through the university’s campus on February 1. However, the statement states that professionalism has at times been used “to silence or marginalize people of color.”

The event description stated that “professionalism” has been used at times to marginalize and silence people of color. This is when certain attributes, such as appearance, language, or interactions, have nothing to do with job knowledge or constructive collegial relationships.

The event description says that professionalism is a defense of white supremacy.

According to the description, this event will be focused on “dismantling White Supremacy and Privilege in Different Contexts” while supporting social justice and advancing effective workplaces where all contributors can bring their whole selves to work.

Washington University in St. Louis was the subject of national attention in September after a student senator put American flags from a 9/11 display onto campus trash bags.

This memorial was created by the university’s Young Americans for Freedom Chapter for 9/11 victims. There were 2,911 flags on-campus that represented each victim of the attack.

Washington University in St. Louis didn’t offer any additional comments in time for publication.