Was A Professor Advocating Child Sex Work?

In the past two decades, we have reported many times on the chaos that has taken over college campuses. If you missed those articles, then you only need to look at the events that have been taking place at “institutions for higher learning” in various parts of the United States over the past week.

It is partly due to the holdovers from the 1960s, who tried to pass on their ideas and politics of social change to the new generation. They were mostly successful. Some of this is due to organizations and movements that understand that the college mind, in most cases, is more susceptible to emotion than intelligence. There is enough blame to go around. The problem with the educational jihad is how it spreads. It attacks anything that has a hint of tradition, or worse yet, conservative values. This can lead people to embrace not only insane but evil ideas.

Campus Reform reports that Jules Gill Peterson, a history professor at Johns Hopkins University, attended the Socialism 2023 Conference last month in Chicago. She was speaking to Chanel, a sex workers activist, during a panel. Chanel spoke of “conspiracy theory” about child sex and speculated on children working in the sex business as part of children’s liberation. Gill-Peterson said that a mass movement was needed to protect the rights of child sexual workers.

You would be mistaken if you thought this meant protecting children’s human rights by keeping them safe and preventing their being trafficked to prostitution or pornography. Gill-Peterson appears to be advocating child sex. Karlyn Borysenko recorded Chanel’s question and summarized Gill Peterson’s answer.

Borysenko said to Campus Reform it appeared that the attendees believed children should be allowed to perform sex acts. She said that an earlier discussion included abolishing the consent age and that the above exchange came after a long discussion about “liberating children from their parents.

Why not free children from sexual work rather than encouraging them to do it? Do not be misled: The Left isn’t discussing hypothetical scenarios here. It’s not about pushing the limits and being the devil’s advocate just to have a debate. Today’s Left is not your annoying in-laws or uncles with whom you used to argue over pumpkin pie during the holidays about Obamacare. Actually, I am feeling a little nostalgic about those days. Leftists today are committed to an evil and unique brand of “change”, which is really nothing more than a synonym for destruction. They will not rest until they have brought everyone down to their level.