VP Harris Greeted By Protesters During New Hampshire Visit

Instead of taking an official trip to the southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris took a campaign trip to New Hampshire to promote infrastructure. President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion “American Jobs Plan” includes $100 billion for workforce development programs and broadband access. The package was quickly criticized after Democrats tailored the ‘infrastructure’ definition to fit in spending for things other than roads, bridges, ports, and airports. To the radical left, everything is infrastructure.

When VP Harris first arrived in Plymouth, she was greeted by protesters that were holding signs outside of the airport directing Harris towards Mexico, including one that read “Mexico -2,254 mi.” Other signs read “Hey Kamala/Stop the illegal invasion/Go visit Mexico” and “Impeach Biden-Harris.” There was a similar trend on social media platforms, where users were sarcastically welcoming VP Harris to the “#WrongBorder.”

A pool of reporters shouted questions at her and asked when she would fix the growing border crisis. She made her trip to talk about an expansion of broadband internet and workforce developments across the state, as well as Biden’s “push” for investing in America’s future.

“The American jobs plan is about infrastructure. Yes, it’s about roads and bridges, it’s about child care, it’s about a number of things — but it’s also about understanding that if we’re going to build back better, America has to invest in the skills development of our workforce,” Harris said.

While in Concord, VP Harris toured an electrical worker union facility and talked about seeing a “light at the end of the tunnel” in terms of jobs and normalcy in everyday life. The trip was heavily criticized due to her role in handling the border crisis. She has yet to visit the border or hold a press conference on migrant issues but has the time to promote a plan that has nothing to do with infrastructure.

“Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris to fix the growing border crisis. But instead of finally going to the border, she came to New Hampshire to use Granite Staters as a political prop,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Rachel Lee said.

New Hampshire journalist Paul Steinhauser said during a Sirius XM appearance that it’s “never too early to talk about the next race for the White House.” He reminds listeners that it would make sense for her to be the lead contender for the presidential nomination after Biden and that she had many failed campaign efforts there in 2020.

“She’s, of course, here to sell the Biden Administration’s jobs and recovery plan that they’re hoping to push through Congress. But, you know, coming here, we all remember her failed effort in 2020 – didn’t do so well here in New Hampshire either, dropped out of the race before the primaries even started,” Steinhauser said.

Critics have questioned VP Harris’s commitment to the border crisis as it continues to worsen each day. She only makes appearances to talk about “investing in America’s future,” when it’s really for investing in the power of the Democratic Party.