Virginia Democratic Candidate Caught Disparaging Parental Involvement in Education on Viral Video

The phrase “saying out loud the quiet part” is a cliche that has been overused. In this case, it is still true. Some people on the left, who have shown repeatedly that they think the government should be the one to influence children’s minds have said so publicly.

Jessica Anderson, a Virginia Democrat running for the House of Delegates in her state, has faced backlash following a TikTok clip that showed her criticizing parents who are involved with their children’s schooling. Anderson suggested that parents who spoke out against the curriculum for their children should consider homeschooling them if they wanted to indoctrinate the kids.

Anderson says in the video: “I’m very sorry, but I have seen some parents who live in Virginia.” “You shouldn’t be dictating how your son and daughter’s curriculums should look.”

Homeschool is a good option if you’re interested in doing that. She continued, “Indoctrinate my children there but not at their public schools.”

Anderson later denied calling the parents “crazy”. She retracted her remarks, saying she believed in being involved and questioning the education process, but that parents should not dictate the curriculum.

Fox News Digital reported that the candidate did not call parents “crazy”.

She said, “I wouldn’t say that as someone who cares about my students and the families of this community.” As a mother of three daughters, including two who are still attending public school, I believe that we should have the right to question students’ education and to push back when necessary.

Anderson added, “I’ve always fought for this publicly and privately.” “I support ALL parents, at every stage. In my district, I’ve seen great communication between teachers and parents when there are concerns.

Some criticized her comments, claiming that she was not able to represent all the parents of her district.

Education is a major issue in Virginia. This was especially true after the 2021 gubernatorial election when Youngkin stressed the importance of parents being involved in their children’s educational process.

Anderson’s position on parental involvement in the education system undermines the role parents play in guiding their children’s educational experiences. Anderson’s dismissal of parents who want a say in the curriculum of their children as trying to indoctrinate is a sign of disrespect for parental rights. He also fails to acknowledge that parental involvement in education can lead to positive educational outcomes. It is not unusual for progressives to approach education in this way.

Parents should be encouraged to participate actively in their child’s education. They have an interest in it. Parents are uniquely positioned to understand the needs, values, and aspirations of their children. Parents can enrich the educational environment by interacting with school administrators and teachers. It is disrespectful to dismiss their concerns and ignore the collaborative nature of learning by assuming that they are trying to dictate the curriculum.

Anderson is right, but not in the way she believes. In the end, government-run schooling is primarily designed to indoctrinate youths more than educate them. Not all parents have the opportunity to exercise this choice for their children. The fact is that the less government interferes in education the better for the public. This is why school-choice measures are a positive step.