Vanderbilt Sends AI-Generated Email About Emotional Toll of Mass Shooting

Emails from institutions that you receive via your school or work might seem insincere. They could be generated after mass trauma and may not contain any human emotion.

Via The Guardian:

Vanderbilt University officials apologized after using an AI chatbot for a consoling message to students following a massacre at Michigan State University.

According to the Vanderbilt Hustler student newspaper, the message was sent last week by the Peabody College of Education of Human Development’s office of equity diversity and inclusion.

The message stated that the Michigan shootings in which three students were shot to death were a reminder of how important it is to create an inclusive environment.

It turns out that robots with no soul are as capable as humans of producing Social Justice, and gibberish.

While the university investigates, Joseph and Hasina Mohyuddin (assistant dean) will be stepping down from their roles in the equity, inclusion, and diversity office.

The Chat GBT robots are programmed to believe in “equity” and “inclusivity.” They are liberal and loving. Someday, when they really get going, they’ll give inclusion and diversity to the human meat puppets good and hard.