VA Accused of Redirecting Resources Meant for Veterans to Support Illegal Immigrants

Recent reports claim that Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs is diverting resources to illegal aliens to provide healthcare.

ACT for America reported U.S. Rep. Mike Bost as Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee introduced the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act”, in response to a report that VA resources were going to illegal migrants. Brigitte Gabriel, chair of ACT for America, posted on Twitter on December 26 that healthcare for illegals had caused a “severe breakdown” in services for veterans. “While Veterans Affairs cannot figure out how to help our homeless veterans, they are quick in diverting critical taxpayer-funded assistance to illegal aliens!” Gabriel asked, “Who authorized this?” She called on Congress to take action to protect veterans and hold officials accountable.

ACT for America attributed the VA resource diversion to the “failed border policies” of Joe Biden’s administration. “Chairman Bost insists that diverting money from veterans is a travesty, demanding answers from administration and vowing to prioritize veterans’ needs,” ACT for America said.

This legislation, which was also introduced by U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville aims to ensure that VA is focused on the healthcare needs of American veterans and not illegal migrants. This revelation highlights the urgent need to address immigration policies that impact essential services for those who served their country.

Every day, more illegal aliens pour over the border, including unknown numbers of criminals and gang members. Terrorists, foreign agents, and terrorists (including a possible invasion by Chinese Communists) are also present. Todd Bensman, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), has previously highlighted how American taxpayers are sucked dry by illegals. Illegal immigration is a major problem for the city (and therefore taxpayers), as it drains resources from the government and overburdens schools. Illegals also commit hundreds of thousands of crimes that shouldn’t have occurred because they should not be in the country. Many states don’t even track the crimes committed by illegal migrants because they do not want to expose how dangerous illegal immigration is for American citizens.

VA has been criticized for failing to adequately care for veterans over the years. The VA’s already inadequate resources will worsen if illegal aliens, who are on the rise, receive them instead of our brave vets. Biden’s administration is giving away veterans’ benefits for free. The military has sacrificed so much to keep us safe, but the Biden administration does not. The Biden administration is a complete disgrace.