Ukraine Says Russia Amassed 100K Troops Near Border, Blinken Raises Real Concerns Of Invasion

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine announced that Russia has close to 100,000 troops near his border, despite fears about a future invasion. He said that he wanted to show the world that peace is possible and that almost 100,000 soldiers are being stationed at the frontier. Russia denied any suggestion of an attack and complained about increased NATO activity in that area.

U.S. officials discussed the situation in Europe with European allies. They warned that Russia could soon invade the country. Russia claimed recently that one of its fighter jets caused a British spy plane to change course following it flew close to Crimea. Satellite images released Nov. 8 showed an estimated 90,000. Russian troops are at the Ukrainian border. Russian troops at the Ukrainian border

Hodges claimed they had never returned to their barracks, even though the Minister for Defense called it “the next stage.”

Secretary Antony Blinken briefly discussed the situation and warned Russia to avoid making serious mistakes. He expressed concern about the irregular movements of Ukrainian forces and warned that Russia must not make any serious mistakes. Blinken warned Russia it could provoke and invade. After a plan to take control of Crimea in 2014, Blinken warned Russia that it could make a provocation and invade.

Blinken said that they were concerned about the future based on the past. Russia would be making a serious mistake if it attempted to repeat 2014’s mistakes.