U.S Intelligence Releases COVID Origins Report, China Warns Of A Counterattack

The U.S Intelligence Community released a recent report from a 90-day investigation regarding the origins of COVID-19 but provided no definite answers on the source of the virus. It didn’t even conclude whether or not the virus jumped to humans naturally or if it was a lab leak. The report states that they require more information from China and that the origins of the virus will never be known without their cooperation.

The unclassified version of the report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was only a little over one page long and states that the outbreak happened no later than November 2019. The agencies agree that the virus started with “small-scale exposure” in Wuhan, China, but that it was not developed as a biological weapon.

According to the unclassified summary, the intelligence community asserts that the virus was “not genetically engineered,” but that there’s not enough sufficient evidence to make an assessment. U.S officials have insisted on China share their lab records, genomic samples, and other data that could further explain the origins of the virus, but they won’t budge.

The report concluded that China officials “did not have foreknowledge of the virus” before the initial outbreak, even though other reports have pointed to the emerging gain of function experiments conducted at the Wuhan lab. They were experimenting and researching how to enhance the pathogenicity or virulence of coronavirus vectors that were radically unnatural.

In 2015, Chinese members of the biological weapons convention announced that they were engaged in coronavirus-related research. They abruptly stopped the following year, which was questioned by David Asher, who led the Trump Administrations’ investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Asher shared that the Wuhan lab was up to “some very hairy stuff with synthetic biology” and that the odds of the virus evolving naturally was one-in-13 billion. He said that all of the investigations have supported that the virus came out of a lab and did not evolve naturally.

Even though Dr. Anthony Fauci, mainstream fact-checkers, and other left-leaning medical experts dismissed the lab leak theory for over a year, the public debate changed as documents surfaced about the virus. Between Wuhan researchers being sent to the hospital in 2019 for COVID-like flu symptoms and the money being poured into gain-of-function research, it’s clear that the lab had a lot more to do with a virus that shut down the world than they’d like to lead on.

The report splits investigators into two different theories. The first theory is that there was natural exposure to an infected animal and then the second is that a “laboratory-associated incident” caused it. The investigators considered both of these theories to be “plausible” and said they would not rest until the world got the answers they deserve.

China’s foreign ministry, however, attacked the report ahead of its release and said that “scapegoating China cannot whitewash the U.S” Fu Cong, a foreign ministry director-general, said if the U.S wants to “baselessly accuse China,” then they better be prepared to accept the counterattack from China.

We already know that China not “fully” cooperating already says volumes about the origin. A virus emerging two blocks away from a lab that is working on gain of function on coronaviruses is not that hard to solve.