Tweet Timeline Shows Chris Cuomo Lies About Self-Quarantine

Chris Cuomo, primetime anchor of CNN, has to be one of the biggest coronavirus hypocrites when it comes to trashing the Trump Administration for anything relating to the CDC guidelines or slamming American citizens for deciding enough’s enough on the stay-at-home orders. 

As we all know, Cuomo was diagnosed with the virus in late March. He broke his quarantine orders to visit a home under-construction in the East Hamptons. He then got into a verbal altercation with a local bicyclist who called him out for not following his own brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orders and the CDC guidelines for staying home and away from others when you are sick. 

Cuomo then filmed a dramatic video of himself “emerging” from the basement after his quarantine time was officially up even though people already knew he had broken his quarantine orders. He’s back at it again though and has decided to go after White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Twitter. He went after her for remarks she made on the media being wrong about needing a million ventilators to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. “She won’t address testing requests from red and blue states…why?” Cuomo tweeted.

Everyone’s had enough of his double standards and went after him for that: 

-“Will you address lying about breaking quarantine?”

-“Why is CNN still talking about tests? Because it is the only point of criticism that has no end date. NO every American will not be tested every week. This also will not happen in any other country.”

-“When are you going to ask your brother @NYGovCuomo about the nursing home orders that killed thousands of New Yorkers in nursing homes??”

-“She will address it if you address why you broke quarantine, got into a fight with a 65 year old cyclist, then pretended to come out of quarantine like it never happened.”

The Tweets went on and on…safe to say, Cuomo had his patootie handed to him. If Chris Cuomo can have his brother on CNN for fluffy segments, then he can also invite him on in order to ask the tough questions for fellow New Yorkers, right? 

These types of smug tweets from CNN’s primetime anchor deserve a sledgehammer from McEnamy in the daily White House press briefings. Chris Cuomo is nothing but a puppet for the liberal media who won’t address anything that plays as a double standard. The “red and blue states” have been given testing requests several times from Dr. Fauci, Sec. Kayleigh McEnamy, and several others. They don’t need it again. 

Both Cuomo brothers have downplayed the coronavirus threat until at least as late as President Trump has, as well as explicitly telling New Yorkers to listen to Dr. Bird’s recommendations on self-quarantining. Both brothers don’t seem to practice what they preach.

Chris Cuomo has yet to respond to the Twitter backlash he received but I’m sure he’s too busy at the moment…off breaking quarantine orders somewhere, I suppose.