Turley’s Revelation: Despite Trump’s Immunity Appeal Loss, Surprising Benefits May Still Await

The U.S. Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump on his appeal regarding presidential immunity.

The panel of three judges affirmed the District Court’s ruling in this matter. The appeal postponed the March 4 start date of the case against election interference.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, explained that, even though Trump lost the case, the mere filing of the lawsuit bought him time.

The most immediate impact of the appeal was the delay it caused. The Trump team was right to want to delay the trial. Turley stated that they had succeeded in this.

You can see from the Court of Appeals’ order that the Trump team was given very little time in which to file a case with the Supreme Court. This sparked much discussion on social networks about what the Court had said in its ruling.

Turley points out that Trump has until Monday, February 12, to ask the Supreme Court for a stay or the case will be sent back to the District Court.

The Circuit Court says that if Trump does not file his appeal by Monday, it will send the case back to the District Court to continue proceedings.

Turley said that there are still some things that can delay the clock.

In the District Court, there is a lot more pre-trial work to do before the trial can begin. Special Counsel Jack Smith appears to be trying to expedite the process.

Turley points out that Smith’s time is running out if he hopes to have the case tried and decided before the elections.

I assume the Trump team is going to file, but there’s been a time crunch and many were complaining about the treatment Trump received. Many questioned why Trump didn’t get the normal process.

We will probably hear from the Supreme Court fairly quickly and have a good idea of where they intend to go with this.